Thursday, September 30, 2010

UEFS press release:

20th of September 2010 UEFS President Mr.Valery Akhumyan visited South Osetia on the 20th anniversary of Independence of South Osetia.

Mr. Valery Akhumyan have met with South Osetia president Mr.Eduard Kakoity.
Mr.Kakoity thanks Mr.Akhumyan and have given greeting to AMF president Dr. Rolando Alarcon.
President of South Osetia thanked for the great opporunity of South Osetia national futsal team to participate in Futsal World Cup 2011.
He promissed to send strong futsal national team to Columbia.Valery Akhumyan gave UEFS gifts to Mr.Eduard Kakoity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Futsal Catalonia:


Comforsa Ripoll EFS, won the final of the Catalonian Supercup 2010, after a exciting game versus CFS La Garriga.

Comforsa Ripoll EFS 2 CFS La Garriga 1

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UEFS Ordinary Congress:

UEFS Ordinary Congress hold in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia), the 18th-19th september.
The representatives of Russia, Catalonia, France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Ukrainia and Cezch Republic.
The topics from the Congress, were the X Futsal World Cup, the calender of the UEFS competitions for 2011, and the integration of new members in some commitees.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

80 years of FUTSAL:

Septemmber 8th 1.930, took place the game of FUTSAL in Montevideo (Uruguay), the Prof. Juan Carlos Ceriani was the inventor of this great game, know it as FUTSAL/FUTBOL SALA/ FUTBOL DE SALON / FOTEBOLL DE SALAO/ INDOOR SOCCER, the game was played at YMCA`s and 80 years after millions of people plays this game, now its time to thanks Prof. Ceriani, and keep the independence of the game.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UEFS European Championship Futsal Veteran +50

European Championship Futsal Veteran +50

8-11 September 2010 Vladimir, Russia

Group "A"
Torpedo Vladimir (Russia)
Batken Zaraysk (Kyrgyzstan)
Marathon Minsk (Belarus)

Group "B"
Melenki Melenkovsky (Russia)
Veterans of Prague (Czech Republic)
Popandopulo Thessalonika (Greece)

game for 5-6 places
FC Melenki "Melenkovsky rn (Russia) ¾« MARATHON "Minsk (Belarus)

game for 3-4 places
"VETERANS OF PRAGUE" Prague (Czech Republic) ¾ "Batken Zaraysk" g.Batken (Kyrgyzstan)

"Torpedo" Vladimir (Russia) ¾ «Popandopulo" Thessalonika (Greece)
2-2; 4-3 on penalties
Final standing:
  1. "Torpedo" Vladimir (Russia)
  2. Popandopulo" Thessalonika (Greece)
  3. "VETERANS OF PRAGUE" (Czech Republic)
  4. "Batken Zaraysk" (Kyrgyzstan)
  5. FC Melenki "Melenkovsky (Russia)
  6. MARATHON "Minsk (Belarus)

Futsal Supercup Catalonia:

Saturday 18th september, 18:00h will take place the Futsal Supercup from Catalonia, this final with the winner of the Catalonian National Cup (EFS.Comforsa Ripoll) and the champion of the league 2009/10 (CFS La Garriga).

This game will bbe the beginning of the Futsal seasson 2010/11 for the catalonian Futsal.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Profesional league Colombia.

After some mounth of competition, now only 8 teams play for the Postobon Cup, this year the Cup will be 8 mounth long.

More info.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New member of UEFS

From the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we get the news of the creation of the Fédération Nationale des Clubs Luxembourgeois de FUTSAL (FNCLF).
This new federation has start the process of afiliation into C.O.S.L (Olimpic Com. of Luxembourg) , AMF and UEFS.
The founders of the FNCLF are: Mr. Mambu Francis, Mr. Kabongo Evariste, Mr. Laporta Domenico, Mr. Boukrourou Karim, Ms. Lacrosse Colette.
Soon more info about it.