Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eurofutsal under 21:

Results day 1:

Belgium vs Czech Republic : 2-2 ( 5-4 on the panalties)

France vs Russia: 2-3

Games on live at : http://www.futsal.cat/

Web of the tournament: http://under21ripoll.net23.net/

Belgium vs Czech Republic

Photogallery: http://www.naciodigital.cat/elripolles/galeria/919/foto/29032


games on live at www.futsal.cat

games on live at www.futsal.cat

Monday, November 28, 2011

Presentation Eurofutsal under 21

Today in Barcelona, the sports minister of Catalonia Mr. Ivan Tibau, the president of UEFS Mr. Valery Akhuyman and the president of the Catalonian Futsal Federation, Mr. Jordi Eduardo, did show the official afiche of the Eurofutsal under 21 to the media.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eurofutsal Under 21:

II Eurofutsal -21

November 29th to December 3rd. Ripolll ( Catalonia)

Schedule of the games


19.00.- Belgium- Czech Rep.

20.30.- France- Russia

Descansa // Day off: Catalonia


18.00.- France- Czech Rep.

20.00.- Catalonia- Russia

Descansa // Day off: Belgium


18.00.- Russia- Belgium

20.00.- Catalonia- France

Descansa // Day off: Czech Rep.


18.00.- Czech Rep.- Russia

20.00.- Catalonia- Belgium

Descansa // Day off: France


16.00.- France- Belgium

18.00.-Catalonia- Czech Rep.

DESCANSA // Day off: Russia

Women`s Eurofutsal 2011:

The former World Champion, Catalonia and his national coach Toni Marchal, has publish the oficial roster for the womèn`s Eurofutsal 2011, to be held in Praha (Czech republic) December 5th to 10th.

Futsal Belarus:

Last sunday finished in Belarus the National University championship of futsal.

30 teams from 30 University from all Republic. (14 teams - second division and 16 teams for the first devision).
The final match was played by "Gomel State University" (Gomel) vs "Belarusian National Technical University" (Minsk).

The final score was 7 -1 for the "Gomel State University"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Women`s Futsal:

AMF (World Futsal Association), organized by Canadian Futsalon Association (FUTSALCA) and Toronto Futsal Association: Costa Rica National Team competes with Team Canada, Ontario and All-Stars Toronto, on Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, 2011.

Team Canada will have great players too, convocated from all-stars and varsity teams from University of Toronto, York University, University of Ottawa, University of Halifax, among others, as well as stars from OWSL (Ontario Women's Soccer League), Toronto District Association and Toronto Central Soccer League, too.

Team Canada will be coached by instructor Juan Carlos Cordero.

Carlos Quiroga, former professional Argentinean players, will put in scene a young but powerful squad for Ontario, and Golazo will have a great conglomerate with women's players from Humber College and OSWL.

International Canadian Women’s Futsal Cup

•Team Canada
• Costa Rica National Team
• Team Ontario
• Toronto All Stars

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Women`s European championship of Futsal:

The national teams of Catalonia, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy and France, will play for the UEFS European Championship.


18:00:00 Catalonia - Italy
19:30:00 France - Czech Republic

07.12.11 :

18:00:00 Russia - France
19:30:00 Italy - Czech Republic

08.12.11 :

18:00:00 Russia - Italy
19:30:00 Czech Republic - Catalonia

09.12.11 :

18:00:00 Italy - France
19:30:00 Catalonia - Russias

10.12.11 :

17:00:00 France - Catalonia
18:30:00 Czech Republic - Russia

All games will be play at Sparta Arena.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


FUTSAL ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) is the national futsal entity from SINGAPORE.
A Southeast Asian city‐state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.
FUTSAL ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) aka FA(S) has come a long way to become the entity of futsal direction in Singapore. Following the lack of support over the promotion of futsal, the new association was formed in December 2008 to position itself as the function to promote futsal as the official indoor game in Singapore.
Futsal Association (Singapore) is officially affiliated to World Futsal Association (AMF).

The future Southeast Asia Futsal Federation will become the latest regional entity of futsal in Southeast Asia countries in support of World Futsal Association.
The goal of FA(S) is to educate the public and promote awareness on the
understanding of futsal. FA(S) aims to provide technical knowledge and expertise to encourage every community participating in their own futsal programme.
FA(S) is responsible for the development of the futsal programme in Singapore and offers some opportunities to every futsaler who are not available in the traditional five‐a‐side sport. The mission is to reach out
to every community where futsal sport is applicable to people from all walks of life for recreations, activities and competitions.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workshop futsal coaches:

In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, took the coaching seminar, attended by coaches from Spain, Catalonia, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Russia and other countries.

Futsal Belarus:

XVII National Championship of Futsal in Belarus:

In the city of Gomel the past October 28th - 30th has start the XVII National championship.
Okhrana-Dinamo - Dream Team 7:2
Podvodnik - Vodokanal JKH 4:0
Akademik - Okhrana-Dinamo 1:13
Vodokanal-JKH - Dream Team 3:2
VRZ - Podvodnik 1:1
Vodokanal-JKH - Akademik 3:0
Dream Team - Akademik 5:1
Podvodnik - Okhrana Dinamo 4:3
VRZ - Dream Team 6:1