Monday, November 21, 2011

Women`s Futsal:

AMF (World Futsal Association), organized by Canadian Futsalon Association (FUTSALCA) and Toronto Futsal Association: Costa Rica National Team competes with Team Canada, Ontario and All-Stars Toronto, on Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, 2011.

Team Canada will have great players too, convocated from all-stars and varsity teams from University of Toronto, York University, University of Ottawa, University of Halifax, among others, as well as stars from OWSL (Ontario Women's Soccer League), Toronto District Association and Toronto Central Soccer League, too.

Team Canada will be coached by instructor Juan Carlos Cordero.

Carlos Quiroga, former professional Argentinean players, will put in scene a young but powerful squad for Ontario, and Golazo will have a great conglomerate with women's players from Humber College and OSWL.

International Canadian Women’s Futsal Cup

•Team Canada
• Costa Rica National Team
• Team Ontario
• Toronto All Stars

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