Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Futsal Canada:


On Sunday December the 28th, the Toronto Futsal Christmas Tournament hosted 5 teams with unique talent and skill that was demonstrated throughout the entire tournament. Among the 5 teams hosted were “D.I.M.”, “América de Cali”, “Los Charrúas”, “Selección Valle”, and London’s “Global Futsal Academy”

Global Futsal Academy’s In Action:
1st Game. Global Futsal Academy 4- 3 Selección Valle.- The debut of Global Futsal Academy, snatched of the first points of the tournament in favour of the London Futsal League, which was administered by Sergio Fuentes, and technical direction of the Carlos Radic. Speed and quality by the “Londoners” allowed victory, with annotations credited to Santiago Raigoza on 2 occasions, Suny Mohamed, and Tshaka Anderson for the other 2 goals.
2nd Game. D.I.M 5 – 4 Global Futsal Academy.- The Experience of Several AMF World Futsal Players lead to overcome the quality and the goals scored by the representatives of London, with a tight final score of 5-4. The goals for the “Londoners” came from Santiago Raigoza on 2 ocassions, and from Ahmed Aroudj and Tshaka Anderson on the other two.
3rd Game. Global Futsal Academy 2 – 1 Los Charrúas.- The sequence of exciting games remained latent emotion among the spectators. The players of Coach Sergio Fuentes, director of the “London Futsal League” imposed 2-1 against the Uruguayan team, in a very tight game. The goals scored for the London team were by William Anderson and Camilo Gonzalez.
4th Game. América de Cali 2 – 0 Global Futsal Academy.- An Unnecessary game according to the Standings ended up being a very tough game for the London players who were overwhelmed by the Colombian Team, who took an easy victory of 2-0.


2nd Leg. América de Cali 4- 2 Global Futsal Academy.- Those of the “Academy”, with an illusion to reach the final, started off by giving a shock to the Colombians after they scored their first goal after 7 and a half minutes into the game. The goal was scored by Tshaka Anderson. The Colombias tied the game time, through a foul close to the “Academy’s” net, which meant a clear shot to the Colombians. The “Academy” took back the lead after a penalty kick scored by Alex Radic after 20 minutes of playing time. After retaining the lead the entire game, the “Academy” failed to do so the last 23 seconds of the game and consequently got scored on by the opposing team. The game finished in a 2-2 tie, so it lead to penalty kicks, where the “Academy” lost due to their inability to score on their first two shots. The Colombian team eliminated the “Academy” in a very close and intense game of quality futsal; The Colombians where then to be beaten by D.I.M, who became the Tournament’s Champions.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Alarcon wish to all the AMF friends:



France vs Belgium:


In the city of Canet en Rousillon (France), this weekend has been taking place 2 games between the national teams of France and Belgium.

The first game endid with the final score of 1-1, after a very exciting game, the french team, make the goal, in the last 5 min. with a 9 meters shoot.

Tha day after with around 300 people, giving full support to the Blues, the belgians didnt want to go home, without winning a game, so the game of sunday was very different and the " red devils", had the absolutly control of the game and they want with a contundent 2-6, to remark the 3 goals of Talby, that with 40 years old continuos being one of the best belgians players of Futsal.

Photo: Talby 3 goals on the sundays game

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

France vs Belgium:

-This weekend in Canet-en-Roussillon (France), the national teams of France and Belgium will play 2 friendly games.
Saturday december 20th at 18.00.h
Sunday december 21st at 11.00.h

Photo: Game last Eurofutsal between Belgium vs France

French national team:

- Pierre Marie Felce (Victor Hugo EKS Nimes)

- Yves Pichard (MJC Champs sur Marne)

- Ali Bédrédine (MJC Champs sur Marne)

- Ali Aggouni (AICS Boussu, Belgique)

- Yoan Soum (Beaucaire Futsal)

- Mohamed Kehal (Union Arlon, Belgique)

- Fabrice Groisil (AS Six-Fournaise Futsal)

- Frédéric Audemard (Asos Nimes)

- Jean Charles Tobarane (MJC Champs sur Marne)

- Aziz Benrédouane (Union Arlon; Belgique)

- Said Meghni (MJC Champs sur Marne)

- Foued Bouftila (Beaucaire Futsal)

Belgium national team:











Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From Independent Futsal to all our friends:

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Frohe Weihnachten!
God Jul!
Joyeux Noël!
Buon Natale!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

AMF and his people:

Tampa Soccer Academy Director, Luciano Fernandez a leader in International Soccer Travel and competition for youth players. Luciano has lead Soccer Teams to South America and Europe over the past 17 years. As Director of Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy, Luciano oversees all aspects of the program including team selection, competition, and travel arrangements.
Luciano Fernandez was born in Paraguay, South America and has been involved with soccer since 1960 as a player, coach, and trainer. Little did his parents know then what he would accomplish in the future. Luciano began playing by the time he could barely stand on his two feet. The game of Soccer became a passion to him, and by the time he was a teen, he was clearly recognized as a player with great talent and a bright future.
He went on to play for great teams in Paraguay like Atlantida, 2 de Mayo and Cerro Porteño, but his talent was too big for a small nation like Paraguay, so he set out for the greatest soccer nation in the world: Brazil.
In Brazil, Luciano immediately found himself plying for the great club Palmeiras, the most popular club in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil.

Was this the end of Luciano’s career? Some would say it was only the beginning. Luciano was immediately picked up to coach Paraguay’s national Futsal team. He led the team to win many trophies and tournaments, including the South America title. Since 1992, he has brought the Paraguayan and Brazilian experience to the USA players. Through camps, clinics and training programs abroad he offers young American players the opportunity to experience first hand the kind of soccer & Futsal training that made the Brazilian player one of the best players in the world.
Luciano is a mentor, teacher and a true friend. For the better part of his life, he has been active in Futsal or better known as Court soccer or indoor 5 x 5 in the USA.
He coached the Paraguayan Regional All Stars for 12 years, leading his team to become Champion and Vice Champion in seven national tournaments.
Luciano and his academies are members of the World Futsal Association (AMF Asociación Mundial de Futsal).
Luciano Fernandez has directed and trained various youth, club and high school programs.
Since 1995, Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy has taken 25 teams to participate in international tournaments in Spain, Canada, Ibiza, Brazil, Paraguay, Catalonia, Argentina and Ecuador.
Today, Luciano can be found coaching and training at the East Lake Soccer Club in Tarpon Springs, FL as well as at the Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy in Lutz, FL.
Luciano is also the president of the Federation of Futsal USA. (www.fefusa.org ) and The Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy, both are non profit-organizations in which he is actively involved.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Youth futsal in France

In the city of Remoulins (Region of Gard) over 30 kids are taking part in the futsal school Remoulins Sport Futsal, thats the first futsal school in the region of Gard.
The objective of the school its to teach to the boys the values of the original futsal: Fairplay, respect and non-violence.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Futsal Italy:

The FICS send us the teams that are taking part to the Female championship of Lombardia. 08/09.
F.C. CREMONA (Cremona)

Tutte le notizie le trovate su:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Futsal France TV: Magazine 2

Info from Female World Cup, UEFS cup for women, international tournament -21 in Blegium and Challenge National des Sélections in France.

Futsal Russia:

We publish the results of the Futsal Super league of Russia, the XVII edition of the national championship of Russia.
Currently standing after the second round:

1. Djeddi Kaliningrad
2. Dynamo Moskva
3. Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod
4. Zorkij Krasnogorsk
5. Niznaja Volga Saratov
6. Tver
7. Taganskij Rjad Jekatěrinburg
8. Podvodnik Jaroslavl
9. Trubnik Klimovsk
10. GTS Samara
11. Alany Vladikavkaz
12. Nika Voroněž
13. TD Odrino Tula
14. Torpedo-Mami Moskva
Games and results of the second round:

Kaliningrad (26-28. 11. 2008):

Zorkij Krasnogorsk - Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod 4:4
Djeddi Kaliningrad - Podvodnik Jaroslavl 3:1
27.11. 2008
Podvodnik Jaroslavl - Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod 1:4
Djeddi Kaliningrad - Zorkij Krasnogorsk 4:4
28.11. 2008
Zorkij Krasnogorsk - Podvodnik Jaroslavl 1:1
Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod - Djeddi Kaliningrad 2:5

Vladikavkaz (26. – 28. 11.2008):
26.11. 2008
GTS Samara - Alany Vladikavkaz 4:0
Niznaja Volga Saratov - Alany Vladikavkaz 8:4
Niznaja Volga Saratov - GTS Samara 5:0
Next round 18th to 21st/ 12 /2008.

More info: http://www.futsal-ffr.ru/

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Report from Canadian futsal:

London Benfica Shockers played their way to the Pan American AMF Futsal championship in Venezuela in March.
Now they need to earn their way there.
The Shockers are the Canadian men's futsal champion having defeated perennial champion Toronto last April. A win at Pan American would mean a trip to the AMF Futsal World Cup in Paraguay.
While the Shockers will go to the tournament, they are hoping to raise sponsorship that will help them defray the estimated $25,000 cost.
"We play in North London and at the Soccer Dome so we play a lot," said Rob Pereira, player and spokesperson for the club. "We're looking at doing stuff with our jerseys and carry a banner with our sponsors to all the games.
"We've been a pretty good team for a number of years and been in the Ontario final the last four years."
Futsal is indoor soccer with a twist. It's played on a smaller basketball-court size, with hardwood or rubberized surface. There are no boards.
The game is five a side including goalies, with two, 20-minute stop-time halves.
The ball is smaller and weighted to promote dribbling, passing and control skills. There can be plenty of scoring in this form of soccer.
Futsal is very popular in South America and Europe. World-class players such as Robinho, Juninho, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho played futsal when they were young.
The game is increasing in popularity in North America. There is a 10-team men's futsal league in London and two leagues for young players.
Pereira has been playing for more than 10 years.
"Surprisingly, it's a pretty well-kept secret," he said. "Most of the minor kids are starting to find out about it and they really want to get into it. It helps them so much with their outdoor skill level."
Most of the players on the Shockers play summer soccer in the Western Ontario Soccer League Premier Division with Benfica or White Eagles.
Benfica has built a strong futsal team over the years. Pereira started in Strathroy.
They've won the league four years and made the Ontario final those four years. The team is made up of 12 players.
"It's not kick and run," Pereira says. "It's very strategic with set plays. It forces you to be skillful. It promotes more one-two passes and quick-off-the-ball stuff. It's really quick. It's all about possession and getting in situations where you can create scoring chances."
The players from Benfica include Johnny Paiva, Mark Fernandes, Frank Neiva, Brian Bettencourt, Jason Carellas, Walter Picanco, Fidel Villenueva and Pereira. Denny Rodriques plays for Strathroy with Peter Magier, Adam Magier and Mark Magier play for White Eagles.
Futsal originated in Uruguay in 1930 It became known as Futbol de Salon or indoor football.

Futsal Norway:

Indoor Football Scandinavia.

IFS create 20 new tournaments for the season 08/09.

7 new tournaments in Trondheim.

5 new tournaments in Oslo.

3 new tournaments in Kristiansand.

The rest of the new tournaments will be in other regions of Norway, the total number for the season 08/09 will be around 60 tournaments including the Elite version, and the Scandinavian Indoor Series.

The winner of the Futsal Elite will be qualify for the UEFS Champions Cup.

More info at: www.futsal.no

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Czech Republic women`s futsal League:

This saturday, december 6th, will start the national female league in Czech Rep.

with 2 groups of 5 teams, that has qualify from the regional tournaments.

Group A:

1 DFK Klokanky

2 IPA Praha

3 Hradubice

4 Muchomůrky

5 FK STARS Rakovník

Group B:

1 Chemcomex Praha

2 Blatná


4 Štírci, s.r.o.

5 Rumové víly

More info at: http://www.futsal-salovyfotbal.com/index.php?str_id=12

Friday, November 28, 2008

To all members of the AMF Family:

Please note that the US Court Socer Federation has changed their name officially into FEFUSA ( Federation of Futsal USA)

Our website is WWW.FEFUSA.org and E-mail FEFUSA@live.com Tel: USA 813-541-7520

Please make a note of it and add this to your e-mail list.FEFUSA@live.com

We thank you,

Philip Tecla
Event Coordinator FEFUSA WWW.FEFUSA.org

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Australasian futsal championships on the Gold Coast

Vikings Futsal affiliated entitie of AMF:
Townsville school Ryan reigns supreme at national futsal titles

RYAN Catholic College's dominance in the under-14 level at the recent Australasian futsal championships on the Gold Coast has two students poised for international honours. The Townsville school blasted its way through the group stages with strong wins against Saint Andrews from Cairns (10-1), Robina (2-0) and Gympie (7-3) as well a hard fought battled with Albany Creek which ended 2-1 in Ryan's favour.

They again dusted Gympie 7-3 in the semi-finals to set up another showdown with Albany Creek in the decider.But instead of another tense encounter, Ryan demolished the southern Queenslanders with four goals in the opening five minutes to pave the way for a bruising 7-2 win.

A team of five were selected from all teams in the tournament to join the All-Star side, with Ryan's twin attacking threats Maggie Dwyer and Bethaney Lawrence both making the cut.Co-coach Mark Burgess was ecstatic to seal the result in such emphatic fashion after Albany Creek pushed them so hard in the group stages.

"After winning all the other games they were a bit worried they would come undone in the final but they blew them away, they played brilliantly," he said.

"It definitely is a big achievement, we really could have had all girls selected in the All-Star team."Dwyer and Lawrence will now get a chance to tour either New Zealand Brazil or China next year and Burgess is confident his three other starters will get the nod as well, with 10-strong touring parties to be selected for the tours.

ReD FUTSAL LIGA (Czech Republic)

Results of ReD futsal liga round 7 and 8:

22.11.2008 SK SICO Jilemnice - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 5:1
22.11.2008 SK Goll Běloves - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 4:1
22.11.2008 SK SICO Jilemnice - FENIX Neratovice 8:1
22.11.2008 SK Goll Běloves - FENIX Neratovice 5:2
22.11.2008 SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" - SC Premium Stonava 2:2
22.11.2008 BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní - SC Premium Stonava 3:4
22.11.2008 SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 4:1
22.11.2008 BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 6:4
22.11.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - Tullamore Dew Klatovy 4:3
22.11.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - Tullamore Dew Klatovy 3:1
22.11.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 2:2
22.11.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 2:3

Currently standing:

1. SC Premium Stonava 8 7 1 0 38:10 22
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička 8 6 1 1 31:14 19
3. CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 8 6 1 1 25:13 19
4. SK Goll Běloves 8 5 0 3 32:17 15
5. SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" 8 4 3 1 19:10 15
6. SK SICO Jilemnice 8 3 1 4 20:20 10
7. FK ADRIA Nový Bor 8 3 1 4 17:25 10
8. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 8 3 0 5 25:30 9
9. VOKNO Kroměříž 8 2 2 4 16:24 8
10. Tullamore Dew Klatovy 8 2 0 6 18:28 6
11. SF KLIMCO Darkovice 8 1 1 6 15:32 4
12. FENIX Neratovice 8 0 1 7 6:39 1

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

UEFS friendly games:


20 and 21 december in Canet-en-Roussillon, the national teams of France and Belgium will play 2 friendly games.

Saturday december 20th at 18.00.h

Sunday december 21st at 11.00.h

More info: www.uncfs.org

Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMF Congress:

  • New Zealand new member of the AMF, Mr. Paul Wandsworth was the representative of the New Zealand Futsal federation in the congress.

  • Mr. Alarcon with a delegation of AMF, will visit in the following weeks Belarus and Colombia, and then they will decide wich country will held the World Cup 2.011.

  • Paraguay will held the Panamerican Cup region south. With 2 teams from Paraguay, 2 from Argentina, 1 from Brazil, 1 from Bolivia and 1 from Uruguay.

  • Venezuela will held the Panamerican cup region north.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Australia Futsal:

2008 World Cup – REUS- CATALONIA, Report.
Vikings futsal report:
I think most of the readers know by now that we have sent the Australian Women's Team to participate in the 1st Women's Futsal World Cup. We were grouped with Italy and Paraguay.
We beat both teams respectivaly and progressed on to the quarter final to play against Catalonia. We started up well and scored two goals through Jo Burgess. Unfortunately we lost the match 3-2 in the dying minutes of the 2nd half.
Catalonia went on to beat Russia and Colombia to win the World Cup.
The tournament was the best I have been involved for a long time. The final was televised to Spain and everything from the accommodation to the venue was world class.
Vikings Futsal has sponsored the trip with the attempt of making a mark in the world stage and to help promote Futsal in Australia specially among womens.
I would like to take this chance to congratulate all players and Vikings Futsal for making it possible to attend the first Womens World Futsal Cup.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ReD FUTSAL LIGA (Czech Republic)

Results of the national Czech league ( ReD Futsal liga) round 5 and 6:

15.11.2008 BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní - VOKNO Kroměříž 4:3
15.11.2008 SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice - VOKNO Kroměříž 3:1
15.11.2008 BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní - VPS NOVABRIK Polička 3:4
15.11.2008 SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice - VPS NOVABRIK Polička 1:1
15.11.2008 CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - SK SICO Jilemnice 2:1
15.11.2008 Tullamore Dew Klatovy - SK SICO Jilemnice 0:2
15.11.2008 CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - SK Goll Běloves 3:2
15.11.2008 Tullamore Dew Klatovy - SK Goll Běloves 5:4
15.11.2008 FK ADRIA Nový Bor - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 2:2
15.11.2008 FENIX Neratovice - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 0:5
15.11.2008 FK ADRIA Nový Bor - SC Premium Stonava 1:4
15.11.2008 FENIX Neratovice - SC Premium Stonava 0:8

Currently standing:

1. SC Premium Stonava 6 6 0 0 32:5 18
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička 6 5 1 0 26:10 16
3. CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 6 5 0 1 20:9 15
4. SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice 6 3 2 1 13:7 11
5. FK ADRIA Nový Bor 6 3 1 2 15:16 10
6. SK Goll Běloves 6 3 0 3 23:14 9
7. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 6 2 0 4 16:22 6
8. Tullamore Dew Klatovy 6 2 0 4 14:21 6
9. VOKNO Kroměříž 6 1 1 4 10:19 4
10. SK SICO Jilemnice 6 1 1 4 7:18 4
11. SF KLIMCO Darkovice 6 1 1 4 10:22 4
12. FENIX Neratovice 6 0 1 5 3:26 1

More info: http://www.futsal-salovyfotbal.com/index.php?str_id=12

Scandinavian Futsal:

Indoor football Scandinavia introduce:

Follow the Scandinavian league at: www.futsal.no

Nordberg Futsal Scandinavian champion 2.008.

More info at: http://www.indoor-football.com/