Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Futsal Canada:


On Sunday December the 28th, the Toronto Futsal Christmas Tournament hosted 5 teams with unique talent and skill that was demonstrated throughout the entire tournament. Among the 5 teams hosted were “D.I.M.”, “América de Cali”, “Los Charrúas”, “Selección Valle”, and London’s “Global Futsal Academy”

Global Futsal Academy’s In Action:
1st Game. Global Futsal Academy 4- 3 Selección Valle.- The debut of Global Futsal Academy, snatched of the first points of the tournament in favour of the London Futsal League, which was administered by Sergio Fuentes, and technical direction of the Carlos Radic. Speed and quality by the “Londoners” allowed victory, with annotations credited to Santiago Raigoza on 2 occasions, Suny Mohamed, and Tshaka Anderson for the other 2 goals.
2nd Game. D.I.M 5 – 4 Global Futsal Academy.- The Experience of Several AMF World Futsal Players lead to overcome the quality and the goals scored by the representatives of London, with a tight final score of 5-4. The goals for the “Londoners” came from Santiago Raigoza on 2 ocassions, and from Ahmed Aroudj and Tshaka Anderson on the other two.
3rd Game. Global Futsal Academy 2 – 1 Los Charrúas.- The sequence of exciting games remained latent emotion among the spectators. The players of Coach Sergio Fuentes, director of the “London Futsal League” imposed 2-1 against the Uruguayan team, in a very tight game. The goals scored for the London team were by William Anderson and Camilo Gonzalez.
4th Game. América de Cali 2 – 0 Global Futsal Academy.- An Unnecessary game according to the Standings ended up being a very tough game for the London players who were overwhelmed by the Colombian Team, who took an easy victory of 2-0.


2nd Leg. América de Cali 4- 2 Global Futsal Academy.- Those of the “Academy”, with an illusion to reach the final, started off by giving a shock to the Colombians after they scored their first goal after 7 and a half minutes into the game. The goal was scored by Tshaka Anderson. The Colombias tied the game time, through a foul close to the “Academy’s” net, which meant a clear shot to the Colombians. The “Academy” took back the lead after a penalty kick scored by Alex Radic after 20 minutes of playing time. After retaining the lead the entire game, the “Academy” failed to do so the last 23 seconds of the game and consequently got scored on by the opposing team. The game finished in a 2-2 tie, so it lead to penalty kicks, where the “Academy” lost due to their inability to score on their first two shots. The Colombian team eliminated the “Academy” in a very close and intense game of quality futsal; The Colombians where then to be beaten by D.I.M, who became the Tournament’s Champions.


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