Monday, December 22, 2008

France vs Belgium:


In the city of Canet en Rousillon (France), this weekend has been taking place 2 games between the national teams of France and Belgium.

The first game endid with the final score of 1-1, after a very exciting game, the french team, make the goal, in the last 5 min. with a 9 meters shoot.

Tha day after with around 300 people, giving full support to the Blues, the belgians didnt want to go home, without winning a game, so the game of sunday was very different and the " red devils", had the absolutly control of the game and they want with a contundent 2-6, to remark the 3 goals of Talby, that with 40 years old continuos being one of the best belgians players of Futsal.

Photo: Talby 3 goals on the sundays game

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