Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Futsal Federation from Colombia and the World Futsal Association (AMF) informs about the international course for futsal coaches to be held in Bogota (Colombia) from the 28th to 30th of august.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magic Hensies (Belgium) international stage:

Futsal Belgium news:
Magic Hensies (new name for the season 09/10 Di meglio Magic Dour champion of the national belgium cup 09, with the cooperation of the Czech Rep. Futsal Federation , will do a international stage in Czech Republic, having trainning games in order to prepare the new season.

The coach of the Magics is the famous belgian goalkeaper Manu Maiolino, 2 times goalkeaper of the belgian national team in the World Cups of Bolivia 2.000 and Paraguay 2.003.

Program preparation games Magic in Czech republic:

1. match - 9. 8. 2009 - 19,00 - stadium Luhacovice - Magic Hensies vs Tango Brno
2. match - 10. 8. 2009 - 19,00 - stadium Luhacovice - Magic Hensies vs regionale team Moravien
3. match - 12. 8. 2009 - 20,00 - stadium Luhacovice - Magic Hensies vs Slov-matic Bratislava (Slovakia)
4. match - 14. 8 2009 - 20,00 - stadium Slavicin - Magic Hensies vs Jerevan Slavicin

Thanks to Mr. Petr Koseček for the info.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Futsal Catalonia:

The new president of the Catalonian futsal federation Mr. Jordi Eduardo and his team, has start a campaign, in order to develope and improve the futsal in Catalonia.

You can see the pictures of the bruchure that the FCFS has made for the season 2009/10, with some information from the last season.

Visit the new web of FCFS:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

International tournament in Mexico:

The historic members of the Panafutsal, Mexico and USA, took part in a tournament in Mexico.

The Tournament was hosted by Tecate Futsal Association member of AMF
The Tournament was held in Tecate right at the border with USA. A total of 8 Men's teams, 4 female teams and 4 U-12 Boys and 4 U-10 Boys
We can say that the games were of good quality and the referees did a very decent job.
Some of the games were played on open court under a burning sun and a temperature of around 95 degrees' ( 30-32 C.)
The organization was very pleasant and at the end all the participants had angood experience.
Men teams name:
Champions MACSA San Jose California USA
Runner up TECATE 1 Baja California Mexico
Champions: MACSA San Jose California USA
Runner Up: TECATE 2 Baja California Mexico
U10 Boys:
Champions: MACSA San Jose California USA
Runner up: Pollos de TECATE Baja California Mexico
U-12 Boys:
Champions: Pollos de Tecate
Runner up MACSA San Jose California USA
Other Teams participating were:
Men teams :
Tecate 1( Mexico)
TECATE 2 (Mexico)
Coahuila ( Mexico)
Sonora Mexicali (Mexico)
Comsa (Mexico)
San Fransisco (USA)
Ensenada (Mexico)
Tecate 1( Mexico)
Tijuana( Mexico)
Pollos de Tecate(Mexico)
U-12 Boys:
Results given by the Tecate Futsal Association Member of FEMEFUSA Federación Mexicana De Futsal

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Futsal U.S.A.

San Fransisco City Parks going International Futsal July 2009

San Fransisco City Park Men's Futsal Team will participate in the AMF International Futsal tournament to be held in Tecate Mexico.
Several City Parks and recreation are very interested to join the FEDERATION of Futsal USA. At last the leaders are realizing that our USA Federation of Futsal the FEFUSA is there for the sport of Futsal and not for Financial reasons. FEFUSA wants to unite most City Parks and Recreation Centers and grow the sport of Futsal nation wide in a healthy manner.
Also the large and well known California sport club MACSA under command of "Coach Mario" a semi Park and Recreation organization will participate with not less than 4 teams. 1 Mens, 1 Female, 1 U-10 Boys and 1 U12 Boys.
We hope this is the beginning of a new era of Futsal in the USA.
Event Coordinator FEFUSA can be reached at
For years the USA FUTSAL has been managed and dominated by a privately managed organization with only the financial aspect in mind.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oficial Futsal France magazine:

New number of Futsal spirit available now at

The greatest european futsal magazine from the UNCFS.


P4 : Belgium : title for Amigo Schepdal
P6 : Cafor Futsal 74 Champion of France
P10 : Folder of the month : big success for the first national young competition !
P13 : French Cup Amador Lopez : MJC Champs make the double.
P16 : Nation Cup : France frustrated !
P18 : UEFS Cup : French clubs shined
P19 : UEFS Champions Cup : Dinamo Moscou again !
P20 : CNJA : assessment, results and projects
P23 : Club of the month : Futsal Club Marseille !

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Futsal Italy:


These are the results of the Italian futsal Championships organized by F.I.C.S. in the sportive season just ended:

Champions Italy Women:
1stBorgonuovo Settimo Torinese (Torino)
2nd class. CPS Stezzano (Bergamo)
3rd class. Cesi Ric. Milano

Italy Women’s Cup:
C.S.E. Salerno
2nd class. CPS Stezzano (Bergamo)

Champions Italy Women “Under 20”:
CPS Stezzano (Bergamo)
2nd class. Futsal Cagliari
3rd class. Borgonuovo Settimo Torinese (Torino)

The championships were active in the following regions: Lombardia, Veneto, Sardegna, Campania, Piemonte.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Futsal French Guayane:

Dializ Futsal Champion of the futsal cup 2009 from Franch Guayane.

With a exciting final game versus Vieille Garde, with the final score of 2-1, the Dializ Futsal became the new champion.

Dializ Futsal

More info: