Thursday, July 9, 2009

Futsal U.S.A.

San Fransisco City Parks going International Futsal July 2009

San Fransisco City Park Men's Futsal Team will participate in the AMF International Futsal tournament to be held in Tecate Mexico.
Several City Parks and recreation are very interested to join the FEDERATION of Futsal USA. At last the leaders are realizing that our USA Federation of Futsal the FEFUSA is there for the sport of Futsal and not for Financial reasons. FEFUSA wants to unite most City Parks and Recreation Centers and grow the sport of Futsal nation wide in a healthy manner.
Also the large and well known California sport club MACSA under command of "Coach Mario" a semi Park and Recreation organization will participate with not less than 4 teams. 1 Mens, 1 Female, 1 U-10 Boys and 1 U12 Boys.
We hope this is the beginning of a new era of Futsal in the USA.
Event Coordinator FEFUSA can be reached at
For years the USA FUTSAL has been managed and dominated by a privately managed organization with only the financial aspect in mind.