Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter from the AMF:

Dear Officials, athletes and futsal friends from all over the world:

During this time in which human feelings are so exposed, a time during which we usually reflect and analyze about everything that happened during the year that is about to end, I must firmly say that we are close to the year 2011 with a strong and solid AMF.

As a matter of fact we must recognize that both traditional futsal and our Entity have experienced throughout 2010, significant accomplishments but also some setbacks. However, as of this date it is important to say that beyond all obstacles or problems, our sport is still in the spotlight as well our resilient and successful entity.

I would like to paraphrase the expressions of the President of Argentina, who in a speech said: “Only in the dictionary success comes before work”.
I cannot agree more with the above-mentioned phrase my dear friends: success cannot be accomplished without work. Success cannot be accomplished in isolation. Success is achieved with the work of all of us who love this noble sport.

This year we have set new goals, which I am sure we are going to reach and even surpass… We just need everybody’s effort and work. I urge you to keep fighting for the ideal we share.

May love and hope be born again this Christmas…
And may hope encourage us to work for a future of peace, integrity, unity and more significant accomplishments for the next year.

I kindly express my usual wishes:

A really happy Christmas along with the family
A new year filled with success

Dr. Rolando Alarcón Ríos
AMF President

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sad news from Belgium

RIP Mr. Jan Van Broeck
Jan Van Broeck the former treasurer of the ABFS, and member of honour of the ABFS-Belgian Futsal Association has left us, Rest In Peace Mr. Broeck.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Second game UEFS Supercup:


PODVODNIK JAROSLAVL (Russia) Champion European Supercup.

Second game European Super Cup in Prague ended without goals.

The Russians have played it safe and have threatened more on quick counter-attacks, super performance.
The same Russian goalkeeper succeeded in the first half he did not beat Fichtner, when he narrowly missed from close in the second half pulled the goalie Yaroslavl.

In conclusion, although Chemcomex pushed, but the more significant chances against Russian team did not defend. Both teams left a great impression with his play.

Supercup goes to Yaroslavl. In the end, prizes and medals was given by UEFS president and Valery Akchumjan and ČFSF chairman Zdenek Riha.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Supercup UEFS:


Chemcomex Prague today played the first match of the European Super Cup with the club Podvodnik Yaroslavl.
The match started cautiously but gradually pushed more after all the guests who have developed several chances.
On the shell particularly interested CHEMCOMEX of volleys that flew just over the goal. . In the end of the first half , however, Yaroslavl struck twice, each for quick action.
And at this uncertain time home defense after the break guests punished third goal into an empty net.
At that moment it seemed that Chemcomex to turn in the game have not. . The pressure was increased gradually, but with it came the chance.
First Fichtner hit a separate intersection and then stick Rajnoch hard shot under the crossbar has dropped to 1:3. Chemcomex added momentum and vice versa Yaroslavl lost its certainty, which reflected immediately - before sighting the ball skilfully tečoval Rajnoch goal and it was just one wicket.
And comparisons could be for a while, miners through it, the ball before the goal, but Fichtner hit him in the fall just that bounced from one pole to another and then out of the gate.
Russians at that time were insignificant, but they help the individual actions of their attacker and accurate shot to the stick - and it was back to two goals.
In conclusion Chemcomex heavily and eventually two seconds before the end of a wonderfully relaxed Kozár Fichtner, who edited into an empty goal in the final 3:4.
Chemcomex way to replay it tomorrow with only one goal deficits and fight for the Super Cup is still open.