Friday, April 27, 2012

Draw X Eurofutsal.




Schedule in groups:

05.14 (Monday)
A). .Osetia - Russia
2). Slovakia - Belgium ,
the opening ceremony of the tournament
3). Norway - Belarus .

5.15 (Tuesday)
A). Catalonia - Osetia I, 
2). Latvia - Slovakia ,
 3). Czech Republic - Norway .

5.16 (medium)
A). Russia - Catalonia ,
 2). Belgium - Latvia
3). Belarus - Czech Republic .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Futsal Belarus:

Gomel "SAS" - winner of the XVII Open Championship of Belarus Futsal!
Do not suffered a single defeat in the championship for the first time in the history of the Republic of Belarus Champion Futsal becomes a "SAS" Gomel!
As a result of completed the open championship of Belarus have been named best in their roles.

The best goalkeeper in the championship was Dmitry Seliverstov (Vodokanal-HCS).

Best defender - Konstantin Tyurin (Brestvtorchermet).

Best forward - EvgeniyKaratchenya (Dream Team).

The most useful player of the championship was named Alexander Krasilnikov (Submariner).

The best player of the championship - Los Dmitry (SAS).

The most effective - Dmitry Trotsky (Security-Dynamo) - 19 goals.

  The best referee - Pavell Shupilov (MC).

UEFS Cup 2012:

Here is the time schedule and updated results from UEFS Cup in Bulgaria.

Dinamo Moscow (RUSSIA)
AMS Cannet Futsal (FRANCE)
VPS Novabrik Policka (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Sporting Burgas (BULGARIA)
Lazur Burgas (BULGARIA)

Day 1 – April 25

17:00, Burgas
Dinamo Moscow – Lazur Burgas 9-2 (6-0)
Referees on the field: Tomas Vitasek and Dimo Asparanov

18:30, Burgas
Sporting Burgas – VPS Novabrik Policka 0-2 (0-0)
Referees on the field: Gennadi Gusev and Stefan Stefanov

Day 2 – April 26
17:00, Burgas
Dinamo Moscow – VPS Novabrik Policka
Referees on the field: Stefan Stefanov and Dimo Asparanov

18:30, Burgas
Sporting Burgas – AMS Cannet Futsal
Referees on the field: Gennadi Gusev and Thomas Vitasek

Day 3 – April 27
16:00, Primorsko
AMS Cannet Futsal – VPS Novabrik Policka

20:00, Burgas
Lazur Burgas – Sporting Burgas

Day 4 – April 28
16:00, Primorsko
Dinamo Moscow – Sporting Burgas

17:30, Primorsko
Lazur Burgas – AMS Cannet Futsal

Day 5 – April 29
14:00, Primorsko
Lazur Burgas – VPS Novabrik Policka

15:30, Burgas
Dinamo Moscow – AMS Cannet Futsal


Supervisor from UEFS is Kurt Hartvedt from Norway. 

Meet the match leaders on the field of UEFS Cup! had a chat with the referees from Russia and the Czech Republic about the first match day. Mr. Vitasek...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Futsal Spain:




Saturday, April 14, 2012

Futsal Canada:

Click on the image to enlarge the info.

UEFS Champions Cup:

This year the UEFS champion cup will be held in the city of Otrokovice (Czech Republic).

May, 25th to 31st.

12 teams from 8 countries will take part of this edition.

1) Chemcomex Praha - Czech Republic
2) SMR Futsal plus Zlín - Czech Republic
3) Rogaland Futsal - Norway
4) Laksekongan Kristiansand Futsal - Norway
5) VHBA Vauvert Futsal - France
7) Spartak Moscow - Russia
8) VRZ Gomel - Belarus
9) Nizhnaja Volga Saratov - Russia
10) FC Saint-Gilles- France
11) Club Conforsa Ripoll - Catalonia
12) TBC

International friendlly games:


Last weekend in the city of Figueres (Catalonia) in order to prepare the X Eurofutsal, the national teams of Catalonia and the Saints, played a friendlly game.

The Saints had all the time under control the game, and was not until the last minutes that Catalonia did score their second goal.
Picture of the Saints.

This weekend Czech Republic will face Slovak Republic in a double game, the Futsal AMF has been reorganize in Slovak Republic.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

X Eurofutsal

AMF Intercontinental Cup:

Spartak Moscow claim futsal Intercontinental Cup

Spartak Moscow's football team may be struggling somewhat in the Premier League, but their futsal counterparts have no such problems, as the red-and-whites have recently clinched the inaugural Intercontinental Cup.

The last step in any achievement is very often the hardest. The reigning European futsal champions, Spartak Moscow had a chance to test this rule in their third game against El Santo of Argentina.

After taking the edge in the first two fixtures, the hosts needed at least a draw to claim the first Intercontinental Cup in the history of the sport.

The Muscovites, however, demonstrated a very solid performance, as the match got under way. Aleksey Chechukevich found the net 10 minutes into the game. And seconds afterwards Aleksey Petrov doubled his team's lead with an unstoppable distant strike. But the blitzkrieg was not over as Spartak's Maksim Buntov added a third goal within two minutes.

Three to nothing midway through the first half, and the visitors' Sebastian De Diego got one back for the Argentineans just before the half-time buzzer.

“The stakes were very high at this event – the title of the World's best team, and after the first 20 minutes we felt no quietness. We knew, they would come out and fight until the very end. We learned this from the previous games,” Spartak captain Andrey Georgievsky noted after the game.

And El Santo, indeed, took control as the second half kicked-off. Gustavo Gallardo's men put a great deal of pressure on the Russian team. Sometimes this pressure was getting beyond the referees' control.

The visiting side's rough tackles led to a number of bookings and even red cards.

The tactics almost worked for the South America Champions. Andres Bragagnolo found the net twice during the last three minutes, making it three-all with just 50 seconds to play.

But Spartak didn't let this final go into Game Four, as the hosts stood up to the draw, which secured them an overall victory.

“We are happy to win here and we all hope that such competitions would become annual, and also that futsal's popularity in Russia will be increasing,” said Spartak coach Aleksandr Khamidulin.

So the first Intercontinental Cup stays in Moscow to the admiration of the club's devoted fans. Their numbers may not be many, but Spartak's international success could easily change things.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

France vs Belgium:

Friendlly games between the Futsal national teams of France and Belgium in memorial of Roger Vrijens (RIP).
The games were a trainning for both teams, that are going to participate in the Eurofutsal 2012 in Belarus.
In saturday France won 6-5 and on sunday Belgium won 3-5.

More info at:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Futsal Italy:

The FICS "Federazione Italiana Calcio da Sala" has officially announced the dates of the National Finals 2012 for the titleof Champion of Italy and the Italian Cup.

The Finals will take place in the sports center of Santa Sofia (Forlì)

Finali Nazionali 12/13 may 2012 -
Coppa Italia (maschile e femminile)30 april/1 may 2012 -
Scudetto (maschile e femminile)28/29 april 2012 -
Scudetto UNDER 20 (maschile e femminile) 28/29 april 2012 -
Scudetto OVER 40 (maschile)

For all the latestnews see the website for FICSFederazione Italiana Calcio da Sala

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roger Vrijens RIP

Roger Vrijens RIP, former president of the Belgian Futsal Federation, RIP.
23-10- 1934 / 3-2 2012

Futsal lost one of its great personalities, Roger Vrijens, a founder of the discipline, who died at the age of 77.

Pioneer in the development of the sport, Roger Vrijens has always fought for the futsal and defend its values​​.This is sad news with the loss of a great figure of the original futsal who died.

I bet that his successors will continue his important work for the future of our discipline.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eurofutsal 2012:

EUROFUTSAL 2012, Brest ( Belarus) The Belarus Futsal Federation send us some information about the Sport palace Victoria in Brest, where will be hold the Eurofutsal 2012,

The building of the sport palace for track and field sports "Victoria" in Brest was commenced according to the assignment of the head of Belarusian state in 2003 and was financed from republican and local budget.
General project design organization: OJSC "Building Trust № 8" (director Karvat I.I.).
Customer: KUP "BrestoblUKS" (chief executive Fedoruk I.V.). Constriction works are carried out by OJSC "Building Trust № 8", Brest (chief executive Vodchits М.V).

First stage, block «B» cost – 3,9 bln. rub. put into operation 5th of August 2004. Terms of putting the project into operation; second stage, block "А" of the sport complex, cost 25,8 bln. rubles implemented before the appointed time – 30th of March 2006. Total cost of building of the Universal Sport Complex "Victoria" is 29,7 bln. rubles. For the purpose of the creation of conditions for the development of sports, preparation of sport reserves since 16.01.2006 Brest Area Olympic Reserve Sport Center was created.

The Olympic Reserve Center consists of: - main sport hall (36 m х 54 m, height 13-20 m), tribunes for 3740 places; - training hall (27 m х 42 m, height 8 m), balcony for 48 places (total capacity 300 people); - fitness gym (total area 180 m2) - 7 team locker rooms and two training rooms and fitness trainings in fitness hall; - block of three saunas together with medical premises; - utility and administrative rooms; - commentary room and VIP-lounge. Construction and facilities of the sport complex make it possible to host international contests and Republic of Belarus sport championships. The acoustics parameters of the main sport hall are sufficient for the organization of cultural, entertainment, exhibition and presentational events. On the base of "Victoria" city and regional events are held, as well as Belarusian sport championships, elimination matches, European championships and other events.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Futsal Belarus:

Futsal National Cup of Belarus. 1\4 final.

Games played at the city of Minsk.

GGP (Gomel) - BRW (Brest) 4:3
SQ.BY (Minsk) - Vodokanal-JKH (Gomel) 3:0
Okhrana-Dinamo (Minsk) - DreamTeam (Bobruisk) 7:4
VRZ (Gomel) - Victory-86 3:0

Semifinals (3rd of february).

GGP (Gomel) - SQ.BY (Minsk)
Okhrana-Dinamo (Minsk) - VRZ (Gomel)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Futsal Belgium:

The ABFS (Belgian Futsal federation) has selected CHANNOUF Hicham

from the Futsal team GS HOBOKEN DD FINANCE, as best player of Belgium for the year 2011, the same player was selected as best european player under 21, during the past eurofutsal -21.