Thursday, January 29, 2009

Futsal Australia:

With another massive watershed year for all Vikings Offices across Australasia now over with & the conclusion of our inaugural National Titles, Victoria can now reflect on 2008 and look forward to an exciting 2009.

The Vis Vipers Senior and Youth teams rounded off the year with a bag of trophies & honours. These included
The Brisbane National League Women's Title
Equal first place for the Men in the same tournament
Winners of the Men's International Vikings Cup in New Zealand
Both National School & State Youth Titles for the Boys & Runners up at both events for the girls
As well as National Club Champions at the Recent Sydney, National Titles
Considering that the core of these squads are graduates or long term members of the Dal Ponte Victorian Futsal Academy, it is pleasing to note that we are definitely on the right track with our junior development. In Turn the Academy is going 'great guns'& it's reputation & popularity looks to grow in 2009, with record enrolments projected.
Victoria has been proud to host the last two National School Championship sand even though we are sad to see it moving on we are ecstatic to travel further south to Adelaide for 2009.
The success of the Nationals in Sydney has reverberated around all facets of the Australian Futsal corridors and our players and coaches who attend this year are very keen to do so again in 2010.
With the inception of the international calendar for Australian Vikings representative teams to participate in the AMF World Cups and Championships our players are looking forward contributing to the phenomenal initiative. The Senior Men , Women and under 21 teams sojourn into the this new territory is ground breaking to say the least. Other opportunities for our players will see us challenge for the National League in Brisbane at Easter, The Vikings International Cup , in NZ & the AMF World Club Cup.
The opportunity to continue to telecast and promote our very own state “Supa Liga” is starting to gain a solid reputation and following in its own right.
Via our Junior members 2008 saw us host and service over 3000 teams and approximately 2000 players participated in our Junior Futsal Camps last summer. Our small sided football/futsal programmes covered over 500 sub-junior 5-8 year old first time players.
Our new football initiatives and ties with Brazil and Atletico Mineiro included 2 tours with over 32 players experiencing a once in a lifetime journey to the home of Futsal.
2009 will offer a luck group of combined 15 & 15 year olds to play in the Costa Durada Futsal Tournament in Barcelona as well as visit Liverpool and the Everton Academias in the UK.
There is still plenty to do, and everyone 'south of the border' will be doing their best to keep espousing the value of our great sport and of course how everybody can be part of the Vikings Futsal juggernaut.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Belarus XIV National Championship Futsal:

8 teams take part in the XIV futsal championship of Belarus:

"Minsk" city Minsk
"Venera" Novolukoml
"Ohrana" Minsk
"GorZHKH" Gomel
"Drim Tim" Bobruysk
"Rudensk" Rudensk
"VRZ" Gomel
"Belkommunmash" Minsk

3rd round took place 23-25 of january in the city Mogiliov.

Results of the 3rd round:

"Venera"- "Belkommunmash" 2:1
"VRZ"-"Minsk" 1:2
"GorZHKH"-"Venera" 11:2
"Belkommunmash"-"Ohrana" 2:1
"Venera"-"Drim Tim" 4:3
"Ohrana"-"Rudensk" 4:1

Currently standing:

1st place "Ohrana"
2 "VRZ"
3 "Belcommunmash"
4 "Minsk"
5 "Venera"
6 "Rudensk"
7 "Drim Tim"
8 "GorZHKH"

  • 4 th round will be at the town Pinsk on february 20-22.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eurofutsal 1991:

European cup of clubs held in Jaen (Spain) in 1.991, this historic poster shows that UEFS has been working in futsal, before UEFA, and also that we did use the word Eurofutsal since 1.985.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Futsal France:

Starts the Challenge comité 83 season 2008-2009.
Letter from the president of club Azur Futsal.

Friday, January 23, 2009


New infoblog from the FPFS, with all the history of this federation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UEFS Cup of Nations:

International futsal tournament "Cup of Nations" took place in the city of Kaliningrad, Russia. During 16th to 18th January 2009.
"Cup of Nation in Kaliningrad" was organized by "Kaliningrad Federation of Futsal" member of the Russian Federation of Futsal.

Participants teams:

Results of the games:







Final standing:
1st place - RUSSIA
2nd place - UKRAINA
3rd place - BELARUS
4th place - ABKHAZIA

Best players:

Abkhazia: Alexei Bondarenko

Belarus: Dmitry Trotsky

Ukrania: Guminyuk Vladislav

Russia: Mikolaichuk Maxim

Best player of the tournament: Vladimir Yakovlev (Russia)


Ukranian national team

Russia vs AbkhziaRussia vs AbkhaziaAbkhaziaOfficial ball tournament.Russia vs AbkhaziaRussia vs AbhkaziaRussia national team.Opening ceremonyBelarus national team.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kiwi’s Recognised at Vikings Championships

Three players and an official have been recognised as the best in their field at the 2009 Vikings Futsal Championships.
Stephen Roach picked up the award for best referee while Noran Abaza (Open Women), Lauren Dabner (13 girls) and Chelsea Stockdill (13 girls) picked up ALLSTAR awards for their age groups

Photo: Lauren Dabner (13 Girls) - Allstar Award. Lauren receives her award from Australian Futsal rep Jo Burgess. ( Jo Burgess, won the Golden Boot Trophy for the first female World Cup 2.008 AMF with 8 Goals.)


Paraguayan Luciano Fernandez, representative of WFA Futsal, instructed Coaches

According to the plans of the Toronto Futsal WFA League, which runs Daniel Cerros, the evening of Saturday 17 of this month January/09, was delivered on Course for Managers (coaches) by the Paraguayan Professor Luciano Fernandez who arrived the same day from the city of Tampa, Florida, USA.
The reunion of those interested in learning or remembering rules governing the leadership team, to teach and guide the players association that promotes Futsal World Futsal (AMF), was based on principles of discipline, application for better psychological understanding between coach and players, children, youth and adults. Extent, Professor Fernandez, explained how important it is that the Coaches and Technical Directors of the players are fully aware of the Rules of the Game, to directly influence the quality of projection and order to the sport that requires all participants in a game.
The process did remember how the sport was invented by Uruguayan Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani in 1930, and content development and its influence in the world where it is widely known.
At the conclusion of the Course, Level 4, the first to receive it, they were handed a diploma of recognition, which was signed by the Instructor / Referee approved by the World Futsal Association (WFA) and Chairman of the Federation of Futsal AMF the United States, Luciano Fernandez and the director of the Toronto WFA Futsal League, Daniel Cerros.
To complete the course, had the contribution of the team America de Cali, "to give practical demonstrations in the court of the gym" James Cardinal McGuigan.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Player of the year (Belgium)

The Belgian player, BARGIBANT DIDIER has been elected the best player of the belgian league, Didier plays for the team J. BOUSSU, and the Belgian Association of futsal, recognize him as best player during the 2.008.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New website from Paraguay:

On the 30 Anniversary of the Federación de Fútbol de Salón del Interior (Paraguay) member of Federación Paraguaya de Fútbol de Salón, they present their new website.
From Independent Futsal congratulations to our paraguayans friends.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Directors: Sergio Fuentes and Robert Blanco
The London League Futsal AMF exists since it was founded 17 years ago. The names of the directors who work to make the existence of sports organizations (League) were intentionally "ignored" so that the characters who guided the Canadian Association Futsal supplanted to people work for sports fans, whose names were neglected in benefit of a false image.
The sports bodies, London Futsal WFA, Quebec League and Toronto WFA Futsal league, were "intentionally" ignored, so always think that the WFA Futsal Canada was "driven" by only a couple of people, until the World Futsal Association realized the true situation in relation to negative because the development of the sport in Canada.
The Executive Committee met in Mendoza, Argentina, during the IX Futsal World Championship, authorized for the previous authorities were dismembered (expelled) from the WFA, and instead authorized the operation of a Commission standard (September 05 / 07) with positive results for the re-shoot (increase) in this sport in Canada, which has shocked those who were once considered the sport, invented by Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani in 1930, had almost disappeared.
The bodies officially recognized by WFA in Canada, although it is confident of going to increase the number of members, are:
Toronto AMF Futsal League - Director, Daniel Cerros
London AMF Futsal League - Directors, Sergio Fuentes and Roberto Blanco.
Quebec AMF League, Director, Wilfred Pacheco

The Commission Normalized is integrated by:
Daniel Cerros, Gustavo Baron, Leticia Barroso and Willy Pacheco.
We appreciate the support received from President AMF Dr. Rolando Alarcon, Secretary General of the WFA, Professor Pedro Bonnettini, Vice President, Engineer Wilfrido Coffi, General Director, Carlos Briceño, representing the Executive Committee AMF, which governs the destinies of our respectable sport .
Journalist Victor Manuel Medina C.
Legal Representative AMF Canada Commission Normalized

Friday, January 9, 2009

Futsal Russia:

Russian National League results and standings after the third round:
Zorkij Krasnogorsk – Torpedo-Mami Moskva 8:2
Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod – Trubnik Klimovsk 6:2
Podvodnik Jaroslavl – TD Odrino Tula 3:3
Djeddi Kaliningrad – Tver 5:5
TD Odrino Tula - Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod 0:5
Tver - Zorkij Krasnogorsk 3:7
Torpedo-Mami Moskva - Djeddi Kaliningrad 4:8
Trubnik Klimovsk - Podvodnik Jaroslavl 2:2
Alany Vladikavkaz - Taganskij Rjad Jekatěrinburg 2:2
GTS Samara - Dynamo Moskva 1:5
Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod - Tver 1:2
Podvodnik Jaroslavl - Torpedo-Mami Moskva 8:1
Zorkij Krasnogorsk - TD Odrino Tula 10:0
Djeddi Kaliningrad - Trubnik Klimovsk 14:5
Taganskij Rjad Jekatěrinburg - GTS Samara 1:5
Dynamo Moskva - Alany Vladikavkaz 8:2
Torpedo-Mami Moskva - Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod 2:4
Tver - Podvodnik Jaroslavl 0:1
TD Odrino Tula - Djeddi Kaliningrad 3:14
Trubnik Klimovsk - Zorkij Krasnogorsk 5:14
Dynamo Moskva - Niznaja Volga Saratov 3:4
Currently standing:
1 Djeddi Kaliningrad 10 7 3 0 67:28 24
2 Zorkij Krasnogorsk 10 7 3 0 61:24 24
3 Volgotransgaz Nižnij Novgorod 10 7 1 2 34:19 22
4 Dynamo Moskva 8 7 0 1 52:8 21
5 Niznaja Volga Saratov 8 5 1 2 23:13 16
6 Tver 9 4 2 3 27:28 14
7 Podvodnik Jaroslavl 10 3 4 3 24:21 13
8 Taganskij Rjad Jekatěrinburg 8 3 1 4 21:25 10
9 Trubnik Klimovsk 9 2 2 5 25:49 8
10 GTS Samara 8 2 0 6 18:26 6
11 TD Odrino Tula 9 1 1 7 14:61 4
12 Alany Vladikavkaz 8 0 2 6 17:44 2
13 Torpedo-Mami Moskva 9 0 0 9 15:52 0
Next round 22 to 25.1. 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Futsal Italy:

Female futsal Italy after the first round in Lombardia, here we have the results and standings.
Lune R. Sesto S..G. - Cesi R. Milano 12-1
Stelle S. San Giuliano Mil. - CPS Stezzano 2-7
Cesi R. Milano - Stelle San Giuliano Mil. 1-14
CPS Stezzano - Cesi R. Milano 12-5
Lune R. Sesto S..G. - Stelle San Giuliano Mil. 14-4
Lune R. Sesto S.G. - CPS Stezzano 4-3
LUNE R. SESTO S.G. (MI) punti 9
CESI R. MILANO (MI) punti 0
F.C. Cremona - A.S. Desenzano del Garda 3-3 (6-5 ai rigori)
Futsal Brescia - Orsa Castiglione D.S. 5-1
A.S. Desenzano del Garda - Futsal Brescia 4-5
Orsa Castiglione D.S. - F.C. Cremona 3-8
F.C. Cremona - Futsal Brescia 5-3
A.S. Desenzano del Garda - Orsa Castiglione D.S. 7-4
F.C. CREMONA (CR) punti 8

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


3rd Annual London Futsal 2009 Futsal Cup AMF. January 31st to February 1st.

Canadian Futsal Challenge Cup 2009 Tournament

Saturday 10th and sunday 11th, will take part the Canadian Futsal Challenge Cup 2009 Tournament, with the participation of teams from London, Quebec and Ontario.More info:

Czech Republic Futsal:

Results from the ReD futsal liga(National Czech Futsal league) rounds 9 to 12:
Round 09. and 10.:
SK Goll Běloves - BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 2:0
SK SICO Jilemnice - BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 3:6
SK Goll Běloves - SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" 5:0
SK SICO Jilemnice - SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" 3:1
Tullamore Dew Klatovy - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 6:1
CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 6:1
Tullamore Dew Klatovy - FENIX Neratovice 5:2
CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - FENIX Neratovice 7:1
SC Premium Stonava - VOKNO Kroměříž 1:0
SF KLIMCO Darkovice - VOKNO Kroměříž 3:1
SC Premium Stonava - VPS NOVABRIK Polička 0:0
SF KLIMCO Darkovice - VPS NOVABRIK Polička 0:2
Round 11. and 12.:
VOKNO Kroměříž - VPS NOVABRIK Polička 0:1
FK ADRIA Nový Bor - FENIX Neratovice 5:3
VOKNO Kroměříž - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 6:2
VPS NOVABRIK Polička - FENIX Neratovice 11:3
SF KLIMCO Darkovice - SC Premium Stonava 2:5
SK SICO Jilemnice - SK Goll Běloves 3:5
SF KLIMCO Darkovice - SK SICO Jilemnice 1:1
SC Premium Stonava - SK Goll Běloves 2:2
CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - Tullamore Dew Klatovy 2:3
CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" 4:1
Tullamore Dew Klatovy - BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 5:3

Currently Standing:

1. SC Premium Stonava 30
2. VPS NOVABRIK Polička 29
3. CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 28
4. SK Goll Běloves 25
5. Tullamore Dew Klatovy 18
6. SK STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice "A" 15
7. BOMBARĎÁCI Větřní 15
8. SK SICO Jilemnice 14
9. FK ADRIA Nový Bor 13
10. VOKNO Kroměříž 11
11. SF KLIMCO Darkovice 8
12. FENIX Neratovice 1

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Zealand Futsal:

New Zealand is the new federation affiliate to AMF, after that was decide in the last congress of AMF, this meeting was atnd by Mr. Paul Wandsworth, member of Vikings New Zealand.
In order of this, AMF only recognize as members of AMF, Vikings Australia and Vikings New Zealand, and no other federation from this countries are members of the World Futsal Association.

Nueva Zelanda es la nueva federación afiliada a la AMF tal y como se acordo en el último congreso de la AMF, en dicho congreso estuvo el Sr.Paul Wandsworth, en representación de Vikings New Zealand.
Así la AMF reconoce como únicas afiliadas a Vikings Australia y Vikings New Zealand. Y ninguna otra federación de dichos países, es reconocida como miembro de la AMF.