Thursday, January 29, 2009

Futsal Australia:

With another massive watershed year for all Vikings Offices across Australasia now over with & the conclusion of our inaugural National Titles, Victoria can now reflect on 2008 and look forward to an exciting 2009.

The Vis Vipers Senior and Youth teams rounded off the year with a bag of trophies & honours. These included
The Brisbane National League Women's Title
Equal first place for the Men in the same tournament
Winners of the Men's International Vikings Cup in New Zealand
Both National School & State Youth Titles for the Boys & Runners up at both events for the girls
As well as National Club Champions at the Recent Sydney, National Titles
Considering that the core of these squads are graduates or long term members of the Dal Ponte Victorian Futsal Academy, it is pleasing to note that we are definitely on the right track with our junior development. In Turn the Academy is going 'great guns'& it's reputation & popularity looks to grow in 2009, with record enrolments projected.
Victoria has been proud to host the last two National School Championship sand even though we are sad to see it moving on we are ecstatic to travel further south to Adelaide for 2009.
The success of the Nationals in Sydney has reverberated around all facets of the Australian Futsal corridors and our players and coaches who attend this year are very keen to do so again in 2010.
With the inception of the international calendar for Australian Vikings representative teams to participate in the AMF World Cups and Championships our players are looking forward contributing to the phenomenal initiative. The Senior Men , Women and under 21 teams sojourn into the this new territory is ground breaking to say the least. Other opportunities for our players will see us challenge for the National League in Brisbane at Easter, The Vikings International Cup , in NZ & the AMF World Club Cup.
The opportunity to continue to telecast and promote our very own state “Supa Liga” is starting to gain a solid reputation and following in its own right.
Via our Junior members 2008 saw us host and service over 3000 teams and approximately 2000 players participated in our Junior Futsal Camps last summer. Our small sided football/futsal programmes covered over 500 sub-junior 5-8 year old first time players.
Our new football initiatives and ties with Brazil and Atletico Mineiro included 2 tours with over 32 players experiencing a once in a lifetime journey to the home of Futsal.
2009 will offer a luck group of combined 15 & 15 year olds to play in the Costa Durada Futsal Tournament in Barcelona as well as visit Liverpool and the Everton Academias in the UK.
There is still plenty to do, and everyone 'south of the border' will be doing their best to keep espousing the value of our great sport and of course how everybody can be part of the Vikings Futsal juggernaut.

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