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Directors: Sergio Fuentes and Robert Blanco
The London League Futsal AMF exists since it was founded 17 years ago. The names of the directors who work to make the existence of sports organizations (League) were intentionally "ignored" so that the characters who guided the Canadian Association Futsal supplanted to people work for sports fans, whose names were neglected in benefit of a false image.
The sports bodies, London Futsal WFA, Quebec League and Toronto WFA Futsal league, were "intentionally" ignored, so always think that the WFA Futsal Canada was "driven" by only a couple of people, until the World Futsal Association realized the true situation in relation to negative because the development of the sport in Canada.
The Executive Committee met in Mendoza, Argentina, during the IX Futsal World Championship, authorized for the previous authorities were dismembered (expelled) from the WFA, and instead authorized the operation of a Commission standard (September 05 / 07) with positive results for the re-shoot (increase) in this sport in Canada, which has shocked those who were once considered the sport, invented by Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani in 1930, had almost disappeared.
The bodies officially recognized by WFA in Canada, although it is confident of going to increase the number of members, are:
Toronto AMF Futsal League - Director, Daniel Cerros
London AMF Futsal League - Directors, Sergio Fuentes and Roberto Blanco.
Quebec AMF League, Director, Wilfred Pacheco

The Commission Normalized is integrated by:
Daniel Cerros, Gustavo Baron, Leticia Barroso and Willy Pacheco.
We appreciate the support received from President AMF Dr. Rolando Alarcon, Secretary General of the WFA, Professor Pedro Bonnettini, Vice President, Engineer Wilfrido Coffi, General Director, Carlos Briceño, representing the Executive Committee AMF, which governs the destinies of our respectable sport .
Journalist Victor Manuel Medina C.
Legal Representative AMF Canada Commission Normalized

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