Thursday, January 31, 2008

News from Czech Republic :

Nomination CZECH national team for EUROFUTSAL 2008 in BELGIUM.

Goalkeeper :

Hekera Aleš (PREMIUM Havířov)

Klíma Jan (CHEMCOMEX Praha)

Soukeník Ondřej (BENAGO Jestřabí)

Players :

David Dorozlo (PREMIUM Havířov)

Jaroslav Goj (PREMIUM Havířov)

Ondřej Havrda (GOLL Běloves Náchod)

Martin Hundák (GOLL Běloves Náchod)

Václav Houška (STRABAG Prachatice)

Pavel Kraus (SICO Jilemnice)

Vojtěch Král (VPS NOVABRIK Polička)

Jiří Lalák (PREMIUM Havířov)

Petr Lauda (FENIX Neratovice)

Filip Macek (BENAGO Jestřabí)

Roman Miczka (PREMIUM Havířov)

Ondřej Neumann (ADRIA Nový Bor)

Daniel Rajnoch (CHEMCOMEX Praha)

Ondřej Šafránek (CHEMCOMEX Praha)

Petr Šmeral (VPS NOVABRIK Polička)

Ondřej Stojaník (VOKNO Kroměříž)

Ivo Světlík (BENAGO Jestřabí)

Petr Šnídl (CHEMCOMEX Praha)

Tomáš Uhlíř (CHEMCOMEX Praha)

Tomáš Ulman (UNIVERZITA Zlín)

Lumír Vojáček (KLIMCO Darkovice)

- Head coach - Ales Storc (head coach EM Catalunya 2006 and WC Argentina 2007)
- Asisstent coach and manager team - Petr Kosecek (coach WC 2003 Paraguay and EM 2004 Belorussia )

Futsal 1930 Original:

New blog in spanish that informs from all the events from AMF and from the federations and entities affiliated to the AMF.

Letter from Catalonia:

Mr. Zamora president of the Catalonian Futsal federation (F.C.F.S.) wrote the next article:
More than a passion for a one sport:
The members of the catalonian Futsal family, are more than a simple enthusuastic for one sport that has more of 70 years of history.The succes of the Futsal all over the world and to keep it independent from othre sports, its because the people who love`s the Futsal, we are enthusiastics, and there representatives are more supportters than representatives. That`s why that even all the mediatics and economic attacks by UEFA and FIFA, for appropiate a sports that does not belong to them, a group of energetic people keep workig for the original Futsal, a sport start it by teacher Ceriani in Montevideo ( Uruguay) at 1930; more than 70 years, does that Futsal its one of the most popular and played around the world.Although all the trycks and dirty strategies from UEFA and FIFA for appropiate the name and the history of the Futsal, that has not been posible, because the desire of a group of people that are the management of AMF( World Futsal Association) and UEFS ( European Union of Futsal), that keeps independent the original Futsal, and they got the support from many federations and associations from countries all over the world.And here is where come`s the Federació Ctaalana de Fútbol Sala (FCFS) who wants to improve the authentic Futsal and to show that there is a country named Ctalonia and that wants to be involve in this project.
Birth and genesis FCFS:
The Federació Catalana de Fútbol sala is a private entity with a public, civilian and social interest. Founded at 1983, and is from his statutes and the Catalan law of sports, the only responsable entity to develope, administrate and organize the Futsal or Fútbol Sala in Catalonia.The FCFS did ask to be registred to the Goverment of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), and in the year 1986 was registred provisional, but later on was registred out. After a long legal trial, the Tribunal Superior de Justicia (Highest court from Catalonia) and Tribunal Supremo.(National Appeal court), they gave the right to the FCFS to be registred, and in the year 2002, the catalan Futsal Federation was definitive registred.At present the FCFS is admet and registred, and gets the totally support of the Catalan Goverment.
Internacional history of the federation.
The first international tournament played by the Catalonian National team, was the female european cup of nationals teams, played may 2004 in Volgograd (Russia), and the catalan team became second, after Russia in the final standing. Because during this time the FCFS didn`t have female competitions, the team was formed by university players.At the same time the European Union of Futsal (U.E.F.S.) recognize the FCFS as a oficial member with all the rights.November 2004 the men National team, took part of the European cup for national teams, coming in the final standing in 7th position.2005 two catalan teams became in third position in the european cup of teams and in the european champion cup for teams. The name of the teams is Sant Pau de Seguries and C.E.Brasil.In the 2006 the World Futsal Association (A.M.F.) recognize the FCFS as a member with all the rights, and the 7th European cup for national teams (Eurofutsal Catalonia 2006) was organizate in Catalonia, taking place in the cities of Sta Coloma de Farners, Sant Hilari de Sacalm and Arbucies. A total of 10 national teams was taking part of this competition( Russia, Belgium, Saint Helena Island,Euskadi, Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel and Catalonia) This important event was a sport and organization victory, Catalonia became in second position in the final standing.The next target is the IX World Cup for national teams, that will take part in Mendoza(Argentina).
Visit our friends from Catalonia:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

News from Russia:

Photo: Jurij Korol in the World Cup 2007 Russia vs Peru

Info RUSSIAN SUPER league and Latest result and info -
1. KONCENTRAT Nerjungri
2. place DYNAMO Moscow
3. place ALMAZ Mirnyj.
Next tournament SUPER league - 6. - 9. 2. 2008 - City of Murom and Raduzhny
Russian goleador SUPER legue :
1. Jurij Korol (DYNAMO Moscow) - 23 goals - in the photo.
2. Afran Rachmanov (NIZHNAJA VOLGA Saratov)
3. Alexej Gusarev (KONCENTRAT Nerjungri) - 18 goals

News from Czech Republic:

Photo:Neratovice vs Darkovice.

News Czech league - 19. and 20. round - City of Jilemnice, Policka and Neratovice Result:

26.01.2008 STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice - SC PREMIUM Havířov 0:2

26.01.2008 FENIX Neratovice - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 1:1

26.01.2008 STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice - SF KLIMCO Darkovice 3:5

26.01.2008 FENIX Neratovice - SC PREMIUM Havířov 1:1

26.01.2008 SK SICO Jilemnice - CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 3:0

26.01.2008 SK GOLL Běloves - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 3:4

26.01.2008 SK SICO Jilemnice - FK ADRIA Nový Bor 9:1

26.01.2008 SK GOLL Běloves - CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 3:5

26.01.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - VŠSK UNIVERZITA Zlín 9:1

26.01.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - SF BENAGO Jestřabí "A" 1:5

26.01.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - SF BENAGO Jestřabí "A" 8:3

26.01.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - VŠSK UNIVERZITA Zlín 1:6

02.02.2008 SF BENAGO Jestřabí "A" - SF KLIMCO Darkovice

02.02.2008 VŠSK UNIVERZITA Zlín - SC PREMIUM Havířov

02.02.2008 SF BENAGO Jestřabí "A" - SC PREMIUM Havířov

02.02.2008 VŠSK UNIVERZITA Zlín - SF KLIMCO Darkovice

02.02.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - SK SICO Jilemnice

02.02.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - SK GOLL Běloves

02.02.2008 VOKNO Kroměříž - SK GOLL Běloves

02.02.2008 VPS NOVABRIK Polička - SK SICO Jilemnice

02.02.2008 CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice

02.02.2008 FK ADRIA Nový Bor - FENIX Neratovice

02.02.2008 CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" - FENIX Neratovice

02.02.2008 FK ADRIA Nový Bor - STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice

City of Prague, Valasske Klobouky and Holesov

Latest status:

1. SF BENAGO Jestřabí "A" 20 16 1 3 90:46 49

2. SC PREMIUM Havířov 20 14 3 3 66:21 45

3. CHEMCOMEX Praha "A" 20 14 3 3 61:30 45

4. VPS NOVABRIK Polička 20 9 4 7 67:47 31

5. SK GOLL Běloves 20 9 3 8 69:52 30

6. SF KLIMCO Darkovice 20 8 5 7 59:64 29

7. FENIX Neratovice 20 8 3 9 46:71 27

8. SK SICO Jilemnice 20 8 2 10 52:48 26

9. STRABAG LUBRYCO Prachatice 20 8 1 11 43:56 25

10. VŠSK UNIVERZITA Zlín 20 5 1 14 44:72 16

11. FK ADRIA Nový Bor 20 4 1 15 43:96 13

12. VOKNO Kroměříž 20 3 1 16 46:83 10

Next program : Play off Czech league - termin 23.2.2008 - K.O. system - 2 matches

1 vs 8

2 vs7

3 vs 6

4 vs5

- City of Nachod and Neratovice Semifinal 8.3.2008 and final 9.3.2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Schedule belgian national team preparation for the Eurofutsal:

11 - 13.00 :
10 - 12.00 :
11 - 12.00 :

12 - 13.00 :
Belgium vs V.Z.V.B.

11 - 12.00 :
12 - 13.00 :
Belgium vs L.F.F.S.


Stage in Catalonia

( training +2 matchs vs Catalonia )

11 - 12 :
12 - 13 :
Belgium vs RD Congo

11 - 13 :

Link to the mexican futsal federation:

A.M.F. info:

I INFORM YOU THAT the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE has sent a process of Virtual Congress that is open until December 31 of this year.
IT IS OUR IDEA to launch a campaign to vindicate the origin of futsal.
THEREFORE WE MUST study the conditions of participation in this virtual congress, in such a way that the contributions are founded, serious and positive.
In this sense WE ASK FOR YOUR COLLABORATION FOR the CORRECT TRANSLATION Of the REGULATION of the CONGRESS THAT WE ENCLOSE in English, because I have not found it in Spanish.


INFORMO A UDS. QUE EL COMITÉ OLÍMPICO INTERNACIONAL ha lanzado un proceso de Congreso Virtual que está abierto hasta el día 31 de diciembre de este año.
ES NUESTRA IDEA lanzar una campaña para reivindicar el origen del futsal.

PARA ELLO DEBEMOS estudiar las condiciones de participación en este congreso virtual, DEMODO QUE las aportaciones SEAN fundadas, serias y positivas.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

News from Czech Republic :

World Cup Argentina 2007 (Czech Rep. vs Colombia)

Worl Cup Paraguay 2003
Eurofutsal 2006 Catalonia
Eurofutsal 2006 Catalonia

We got news about the National team, that will take part in the next Eurofutsal held in Belgium. They have a list of 23 players and the 10.3.2008 is the max. date we they will decid the definitive list of the players for the next European Cup for national teams. This day its also the last round of the extra league of CZECH REP.

The Czech team is in the same group with Russia, Ukraine and Norway.

- head coach - Ales Storc (head coach EM Catalunya 2006 and WC Argentina 2007)

- asisstent coach and manager team - Petr Kosecek (coach WC 2003 Paraguay and EM 2004 Belorussia )

More info about Eurofutsal 2008:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A.M.F. Congress 2008:

JANUARY 23, 2008.
Please note that:
1. The Annual Congress of the World Futsal Association will be held in the city of Asuncion, Paraguay April 5 and 6, 2008.
2.That the delegates of each Affiliated Organization should arrive on April 4, 2008.
3. Thirty (30) days before the arrival date the General Secretariat of the AMF will receive requests from the Affiliated Members to incorporate them into to the Agenda.
4. Please remember in order to qualify for the Congress the Affiliated Organizations have to be affiliated for the year 2008. The membership fee was set at US $D 500 ( Five hundred American Dollars) at the Congress in April, 2007.
5. Affiliated members that are interested in organizing International Matches controlled by the AMF, must have the matches approved before the start of the Congress.
6. Thirty days before the Congress each country has to submit the names of the delegates.
Kind Regards,
Pedro R. Bonnettini,
Secretary General AMF
23 DE ENERO DE 2008.
Se informa que:
El Congreso Anual de la Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón / Futsal, se realizará en la ciudad de Asunción del Paraguay los días 5 y 6 de abril de 2008.
Que la recepción del o los Congresistas habilitado (s) por cada Entidad Afiliada será a partir del día 4 de Abril de 2008.
A partir de esta fecha y por treinta (30) días la Secretaría General de la AMF, recibirá pedidos de las Afiliadas para incorporar asuntos al Orden del Día.
Se recuerda a las Afiliadas que para estar habilitadas en el Congreso deben tener al día la afiliación del año 2008. La que fuera fijada en USD 500 (Dólares Americanos quinientos) en el Congreso de Abril del año 2007.
De igual manera las Afiliadas que tengan interés en organizar Torneos Internacionales fiscalizados por la AMF, deben tener regularizados los trámites previos de adjudicación antes de la realización del Congreso.
Treinta días antes del Congreso se debe contar con los datos del o los Congresistas que representaran a cada país.
Pedro R. Bonnettini
Secretario General A.M.F.

News from Italy:

The F.I.F. presents the Cup of the Region of Lombardia (North Italy), for male teams.

This cup will starts in the begining of february, and will ends in december 2008.

At the same time, the F.I.F. informs about there school futsal program, that will improve the futsal level in diferents schools from diferents cities of Italy.

You can follow this news at the italian website:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oficial calendar Eurofutsal 2008 in Belgium:

News from Belgium:

Latest results from the 1 division National:

Latest status:

1 LEOPOLDSBURG 16 11 3 2 92-61 24
2 FTS ANTWERPEN 16 11 4 1 96-60 23
3 AMIG SCHEPDAAL 16 11 5 0 74-56 22
4 ZVC LIERSE SK 16 11 5 0 91-79 22
5 ISOLA HOESELT 16 10 4 2 86-55 22
6 GS CITI HOBOKEN 16 10 4 2 78-49 22
7 AC JETTE 15 9 3 3 66-49 21
8 AL ECAUSSINNES 16 9 5 2 91-69 20
9 ROLINI KOERSEL 16 6 6 4 59-71 16
10 MARACAN BOUSSU 16 7 9 0 61-68 14
11 BARCA OTTIGNIES 15 5 8 2 70-81 12
12 FS HANNUT 16 5 10 1 75-86 11
13 MF NAMUR 16 4 11 1 76-104 9
14 MAGIC HENSIES 16 2 12 2 54-104 6
15 S.T. REKEM 16 2 13 1 58-81 5
16 INTERLOK ARLON 16 2 13 1 79-133 5

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eurofutsal players list from Norway:

Photo: Driss Belhaj national coach from Norway.

We got from Mr. Driss Belhaj the National coach from Norway the oficial list of the players will take part in the Eurofutsal 2008 in Belgium.


  • Magnar Nordtun (Bømlo Futsal)

  • Karsten Olsen (Sandefjord Futsal)


  • Rodrigo Castillo (Oslo Futsal)

  • Kjell Harald Dalehaug (Sør-Rogaland Futsal)

  • Carlos Diaz (tidl. Indre Agder Futsal)

  • Eirik Jøssang (Sør-Rogaland Futsal)

  • Andreas Nygård (Sør-Rogaland Futsal)

  • Ivan Olivares (Oslo Futsal)

  • Roberto Antonio Rojas Ruiz (Oslo Futsal)

  • Bjørn Viljugrein (Grorud Futsal)

In the next weeks Driss Belhaj , will decide who are the 2 players will complete this list.

More info:

New update website of U.E.F.S:

Follow all the news from the U.E.F.S members at:

Russian Premier League:

Latest results
12:00 DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast - ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk 3-4
13:30 KLM Moscow - NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov 4-4
15:00 TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburg - DINAMO Moscow 1-5
16:30 POLIGAN Moscow - ODRINO Tula 9-1
12:00 ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk - KLM Moscow 8-1
13:30 ODRINO Tula - TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburk 2-4
15:00 NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov - DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast 1-5
16:30 DINAMO Moscow - POLIGRAN Moscow 4-4
13:30 POLIGRAN Moscow - NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov 3-3
15:00 TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburg - ZORKIJ Krasnogors 2-11
16:30 KLM Moscow - ODRINO Tula 2-3
18:00 DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast - DINAMO Moscow 2-3
Latest status:
1. KONCENTRAT Nerjungri 40
2. DYNAMO Moskva 40
3. ALMAZ Mirnyj 32
4. POLIGRAN Moskva 28
5. ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk 28
6. DYNAMO Moskovskaja oblast 22
7. NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov 22
8. TAGANSKIJ Rjad Jekatěrinburg 16
9. KLM Moskva 10
11.ODRINO Tula 4
12.ELEKTON Raduzhnyj 1

A.M.F. news U.S.A. versus Canada:

Photo: Canada National team
Photo: U.S.A. National team

Series The International - AMF- New York
The Popular, Tuesday 22 of January 2008
(info from)

Cruz Azul prevailed over the nephews of Uncle SAM 5/3 DIVISION of the International series between the U.S.A. and Canada
TORONTO. - Due to work obligation, several players could not attend and the leaders of Toronto Futsal League had to improvise to fulfill the commitment given to New York and to play for the home and away International trophy.
The International series in New York versus U.S. AMF FUTSAL NATIONAL TEAM on Saturday, January 20 consisted of 3 games with exciting results and were a magnificent displays at international level. After the opening ceremonies and public acknowledgement of the efforts by Daniel Cerros, director of Toronto Futsal AMF League, the results, that included the Cruz Azul 5/3 victory over the Americans of the Daulis Futsal the USA.
MEN'S DIVISION: Toronto Futsal AMF League 3 - 3 USA. Team. - The goals for the Canadians were scored by Joshua Jaramillo, at 2:40, Víctor Samaniego at 7:48 and by Carlos Rojas during the second half. The break even scores were scored in the second half by Steven Mayan and Diego Mayanga (2).
U-17 DIVISION: Cross Azul/Toronto Futsal League 5 -3 Daulis U.S.A.. -
The quality and performance of the Canadians surpassed the work of the Americans, excelling, in representation of its companions of game, Andy Quintanilla scored two and Mario Aielo, Marco Rodriguez and Enrique Valencia scored one each. Scoring for the United States team on two occaisons by Juan Domínguez and once by Juan Zorrillo. Congratulations to the youthful team that plays under the name of Cruz Azul of Mexico.
The U.S.A. Team 7 - 5 Toronto Futsal AMF League. - In the second game of the combined Toronto Futsal League team, certain disorganization was well-known, that we attribute to the lack of preparation, since the group of players, was summoned to fill vacancies on an hour's notice to travel. The play of the "reservists"has to be emphasized whose honour and defense of the Futsal/AMF of Canada, deserves our congratulation. At the return visit, we hope to see the sport make an effort to improve, some American reinforcements traveled to New York to play against the Toronto Futsal League team, which allowed them "to hold" and if possible to win to the game for the USA "Salonistas", which defend the prestigious values of the World Futsal Association Futsal (AMF).
The goals for the Yankees were credited to Alan Acevedo (3), Diego Mayanga, Julian Escobar, Roberto Garnica and Steven Amaya. The outstanding Canadian was the youthful world cup participant Carlos Rojas with 4 goals and Rafael Fuentes contributed one.
CANADA Delegation: Jonathan D'Amico, Rafael Fuentes, Julio "Chimpa" Garcia, Joshua Jaramillo, Víctor Samaniego, Daniel Cerros Jr, Fabricio Cuellar, Andy Quintanilla, Carlos Rojas, Delegates: Robert Zladko and Daniel Cerros.

U.S. AMF FUTSAL NATIONAL TEAM: The International series in New York versus Toronto Futsal AMF League Team Delegation the U.S.A.: Alan Acevedo, Jonathan Amable, Steven Amaya, Jose Batista, Julian Escobar, Alessandro Ferrante, Huigens Garcia, Roberto Garnica, Richard Lesmes, Diego Mayanga, Juan Peralta, Ian Pilasrski, Mauricio Romero and Matías Velasquez. (DT) Tony Toral, Alberto Gavilanez, Vicente Castellanos, Coordinator in New York, Aníbal Toral and Press Delegate, Rafael Sanchez.

News from Ecuador:

Photo: Paraguay versus Ecuador IX World Cup Mendoza 2007 (Argentina)
Photo: Catalonia versus Ecuador IX World Cup Mendoza 2007 (Argentina)

After the game in the last World Cup 2007 in Argentina, between Catalonia and Ecuador, the player from Ecuador STALIN BRAVO VELEZ, was injured and some media from Ecuador and Argentina did attack the organization of the IX World Cup, the A.M.F and the C.A.F.S., saying that they havent paid the insurance for the players, so we are happy to say that the insurance company BERKLEY INTERNATIONAL S.A., did pay last week the total of $4800 ( American Dollars) the total of the bill for the atentions he had in Mendoza Argentina.

Now we hope that the same media and newspaper that were talking againts the A.M.F. and the organization, now they dont have any problem to apologyze and explain all the true.

More Info:

Monday, January 21, 2008

News from Norway:

Photos from the Worl Cup 2007 in Argentina. (Norway vs Argentina)

We got to know from the I.F.S. that before the 16th of february we will have the oficial list from their National coach, for the Eurofutsal 2008 in Belgium.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

U.S.A. vs Canada report:

USA v. CANADA draw in First Ever AMF FutSal International Match in US.

The AMF FutSal squads of the USA and CANADA played a great first match at the City College of New York on Saturday, January 19th. The first ever AMF FutSal International match was played in front of a crowd of 400 people where the presence of youth FutSal players was overwhelming! In respects to the match, the US squad started the game with control of the game and possession of the ball although very nervous to be playing at home for the first time. The nerves would show when the Canadian's opened the scoring through a Victor Samaniego finish and then go up by 2 when World Cup striker, the young Carlos Rojas scored a rocket from the left side by the 10 minute mark of the first half. By the 13 minute mark, the introduction of midfielder Diego Mayanga proved to be the difference as he quickly put the US on the board. Mayanga would then pull the game even by the end of the half. Canada would score again off a scramble in the box which Joshua Jaramillo put in the back of the net and US Captain Steven Amaya tied the match with a wonderful strike from the right side and 10 meters out that crossed the goalmouth and stuck on the lower corner of the far post. US players; Ian Pilarski, Steven Amaya, Diego Mayanga, and Juan Peralta would come close to the victory with many missed opportunities in the final minutes of the game and actually scored a second after the game clock signaled the end of the match.

USA line-up: Romero, Amaya, Batista, Lesmes, Acevedo
subs: Peralta, Pilarski, Mayanga, Escobar, Garcia, Ferrante (GK), Amable

First Victory in the history of US AMF FutSal National Team 7-5 in Second Match v. Canada

The Second Match of the Series proved to start one sided as the US Squad was inspired by the home crowd that came to see a young but determined team win its first International Match of its short 9 month history. With a 4-0 first half the game became interesting in the second half with the introduction of US substitutions and a flurry of Canadian attacks that overwhelmed reserve keeper Alessandro Ferrante. Canada cut the deficit by two only to see the US strike right back to never let go of the lead. The inclusion of the Fifth Attacker by Canada was held off as US starting keeper Mauricio Romero and the careful marking of the US team proved to be too much and held off Canada to come up with a 7-5 victory. US goals were scored by Alan Acevedo (3), Diego Mayanga, Julian Escobar, Steven Amaya and a rocket from a free kick by lefty Roberto Garnica. Canada's goals were scored by Carlos Rojas (4) and Rafael Fuentes.

USA line-up: Romero (30), Amaya (18), Mayanga (19), Lesmes (21), Acevedo (19)
subs: Garnica(22), Pilarski (25), Escobar(20), Batista (21), Garcia (23), Amable (21), Ferrante (30) (GK)
* Age in ().

(U-17) CRUZ AZUL TORONTO edges Daulis FutSal League (U-17) 5-3 with goals by Andy Quintanilla (2), Marcos Rodriguez, Mario Ollo, and Enrique Valencia. For Daulis FutSal League; Juan Dominguez (2) and 14 year old Alex Zorrilla scored.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

News from Colombia:

Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá Champion of the cup de la Feria de Caldas (Colombia).
In front of 3.000 people the team Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá won the final againts the local team Ferretería Construcaldas for 4 - 2.
The game for the third position the final score was Caldas Pivot 3 DM Walla 1.
In this important cup has been taking part some players from the Colombian National team, that in the last World Cup (Argentina 2007) became in the third position.
Final standing Cup Feria de Caldas:
  1. Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá
  2. Ferretería Construcaldas
  3. Caldas Pivot

Friday, January 18, 2008

News from France:

The National team from France starts the preparation for the Eurofutsal 2008, after the game againts Catalonia, they will play the 8th of febrary againts Belgium and the day after againts R.D.Congo.
The UNCFS, gave us the oficial list for this important event.

The french team for the Eurofutsal is published:

Goalkeepers :
- Pierre-Marie FELCE (Excelsior Futsal)
- Yves PICHARD (Champs sur Marne)


- Patrice BEAUMELLE (Bombonera Futsal)
- Ali BEDREDINE (Champs sur Marne)
- Aziz BENREDOUANE (Interlok Arlon)
- Mimoun BIHI (Maracana Boussu)
- Mohamed KEHAL (Interlok Arlon)
- Noudji LAOUKEIN (Champs sur Marne)
- Thomas MAFRICI (AICS Cavaisse Boussu)
- Moulay MOKTHARY (Magic Hensies)
- Chergui SEKRANE (Miramas Futsal)
- Jean-Charles TOBARANE (Champs sur Marne)

More info:

Thursday, January 17, 2008



January 19, 2008 The City College of New York



US Futsal AMF
Important news from the AMF environment. As announced by their head coach Tony Toral, the US AMF Futsal National Team will Color del textoplay the first ever International Match in the USA against Canada. UNITED STATES AMF FUTSAL NATIONAL TEAM Vs CANADA AMF FUTSAL

U.S.A team:

Technicl staff: Luciano Fernández, Philip Tecla,Tony Toral Jr., Alberto Gavilanes,Terri Acosta.
Alan Acevedo, Steven Amaya, José Batista, Julián Escobar, Huigens García, Roberto Garnica, Richard Lesmes, Diego Mayanga and Mauricio Romero.

Canada team:

Technical staff: Daniel Cerros; Lorenzo Redwood .

Desmond Humphrey, Fitzroy Christey ,Matthew Ríos, Ryan Dummett, Geron Duporte, Julio García, Adrián Ibañez, Joshua Lemus and Nicolás Martínez.

Info in the newspaper:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

News from Belgium:

Second preselection for the National team that will take part in the Eurofutsal 2008:
This preselction its from 13-01-2008, next the names and the teams from the payers who has been preselected:

    B.C. Embourg
    2 Nationale B

    Isola Hoeselt
    1 Nationale

    B.C. Embourg
    2 Nationale B

    A.C. Jette
    1 Nationale

    Amigo Schepdaal
    1 Nationale

    Amigo Schepdaal
    1 Nationale

  • Pierre
    Prov. / Liège
  • HeremansYves
    Amigo Schepdaal
    1 Nationale

    Rolini Koersel
    1 Nationale

  • MAES
    Rolini Koersel
    1 Nationale

    St. Rekem
    1 Nationale

    Isola Hoeselt
    1 Nationale

    M.F. Namur
    1 Nationale

    Amigo Schepdaal
    1 Nationale

    Amigo Schepdaal
    1 Nationale

    MFST Tavigny
    2 Nationale B

    GS Hoboken
    1 Nationale

    GS Hoboken
    1 Nationale

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

News from Russia:

Photos: Moscow derby DINAMO Moscow vs DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast
Russian SUPER league - next IV. tournaments 19. - 22.1.2007 - City of Moscow

Russian PREMIER league : KONCENTRAT Nerjungri in the group A and DINAMO Moscow in the groupe B are leaders.

Next tournament - PROGRAM 19.1. - 22.1.2008
12:00 DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast - ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk
13:30 KLM Moscow - NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov
15:00 TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburg - DINAMO Moscow
16:30 POLIGAN Moscow - ODRINO Tula
12:00 ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk - KLM Moscow
13:30 ODRINO Tula - TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburk
15:00 NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov - DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast
16:30 DINAMO Moscow - POLIGRAN Moscow
13:30 POLIGRAN Moscow - NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov
15:00 TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburg - ZORKIJ Krasnogors
16:30 KLM Moscow - ODRINO Tula
18:00 DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast - DINAMO Moscow
11:00 NIZHNAJA Volga Saratov - TAGANSKIJ Rjad Ekaterinburg
12:30 ODRINO Tula - DINAMO Moskovskaja oblast
14:00 DINAMO Moscow - KLM Moscow
15:30 ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk - POLIGRAN Moscow

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