Sunday, January 6, 2008

Catalonia 4 France 2

Players of the catalonian team.

In front of 400 people, the players of Juan Antonio Fernandez (Catalonia), and the players of Julien Nepoty (France), did play a really good Futsal game, the level of bouth teams was excellent, and that shows that the Eurofutsal 2008 will have the best europeans teams.
The game finish with a victory of the catalonian team for 4-2, in the half time the score was 1-1, but in the second half the catalonian players did play a quality futsal, and finally they took the game to the country under the pirenees.
Catalonia: Oscar Hermano 2, Ramon Moret, Jordi Torra.
France:Serge Sekrane, Johan Delahaye.
More info and photos will follow soon.

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