Tuesday, January 22, 2008

News from Ecuador:

Photo: Paraguay versus Ecuador IX World Cup Mendoza 2007 (Argentina)
Photo: Catalonia versus Ecuador IX World Cup Mendoza 2007 (Argentina)

After the game in the last World Cup 2007 in Argentina, between Catalonia and Ecuador, the player from Ecuador STALIN BRAVO VELEZ, was injured and some media from Ecuador and Argentina did attack the organization of the IX World Cup, the A.M.F and the C.A.F.S., saying that they havent paid the insurance for the players, so we are happy to say that the insurance company BERKLEY INTERNATIONAL S.A., did pay last week the total of $4800 ( American Dollars) the total of the bill for the atentions he had in Mendoza Argentina.

Now we hope that the same media and newspaper that were talking againts the A.M.F. and the organization, now they dont have any problem to apologyze and explain all the true.

More Info: http://www.cdp.com.ec/cdpjo/content/view/320/1/

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