Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A.M.F. news U.S.A. versus Canada:

Photo: Canada National team
Photo: U.S.A. National team

Series The International - AMF- New York
The Popular, Tuesday 22 of January 2008
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Cruz Azul prevailed over the nephews of Uncle SAM 5/3 DIVISION of the International series between the U.S.A. and Canada
TORONTO. - Due to work obligation, several players could not attend and the leaders of Toronto Futsal League had to improvise to fulfill the commitment given to New York and to play for the home and away International trophy.
The International series in New York versus U.S. AMF FUTSAL NATIONAL TEAM on Saturday, January 20 consisted of 3 games with exciting results and were a magnificent displays at international level. After the opening ceremonies and public acknowledgement of the efforts by Daniel Cerros, director of Toronto Futsal AMF League, the results, that included the Cruz Azul 5/3 victory over the Americans of the Daulis Futsal the USA.
MEN'S DIVISION: Toronto Futsal AMF League 3 - 3 USA. Team. - The goals for the Canadians were scored by Joshua Jaramillo, at 2:40, Víctor Samaniego at 7:48 and by Carlos Rojas during the second half. The break even scores were scored in the second half by Steven Mayan and Diego Mayanga (2).
U-17 DIVISION: Cross Azul/Toronto Futsal League 5 -3 Daulis U.S.A.. -
The quality and performance of the Canadians surpassed the work of the Americans, excelling, in representation of its companions of game, Andy Quintanilla scored two and Mario Aielo, Marco Rodriguez and Enrique Valencia scored one each. Scoring for the United States team on two occaisons by Juan Domínguez and once by Juan Zorrillo. Congratulations to the youthful team that plays under the name of Cruz Azul of Mexico.
The U.S.A. Team 7 - 5 Toronto Futsal AMF League. - In the second game of the combined Toronto Futsal League team, certain disorganization was well-known, that we attribute to the lack of preparation, since the group of players, was summoned to fill vacancies on an hour's notice to travel. The play of the "reservists"has to be emphasized whose honour and defense of the Futsal/AMF of Canada, deserves our congratulation. At the return visit, we hope to see the sport make an effort to improve, some American reinforcements traveled to New York to play against the Toronto Futsal League team, which allowed them "to hold" and if possible to win to the game for the USA "Salonistas", which defend the prestigious values of the World Futsal Association Futsal (AMF).
The goals for the Yankees were credited to Alan Acevedo (3), Diego Mayanga, Julian Escobar, Roberto Garnica and Steven Amaya. The outstanding Canadian was the youthful world cup participant Carlos Rojas with 4 goals and Rafael Fuentes contributed one.
CANADA Delegation: Jonathan D'Amico, Rafael Fuentes, Julio "Chimpa" Garcia, Joshua Jaramillo, Víctor Samaniego, Daniel Cerros Jr, Fabricio Cuellar, Andy Quintanilla, Carlos Rojas, Delegates: Robert Zladko and Daniel Cerros.

U.S. AMF FUTSAL NATIONAL TEAM: The International series in New York versus Toronto Futsal AMF League Team Delegation the U.S.A.: Alan Acevedo, Jonathan Amable, Steven Amaya, Jose Batista, Julian Escobar, Alessandro Ferrante, Huigens Garcia, Roberto Garnica, Richard Lesmes, Diego Mayanga, Juan Peralta, Ian Pilasrski, Mauricio Romero and Matías Velasquez. (DT) Tony Toral, Alberto Gavilanez, Vicente Castellanos, Coordinator in New York, Aníbal Toral and Press Delegate, Rafael Sanchez.