Sunday, January 6, 2008

Futsal loyalty by Carlos Briceño, President of Venezuelan Futsal Federation‏:

Loyalty - I, II, III To Futsal created 1930 by Prof. Juan Carlos Ceriani

FIFA efficiently drowns any symptom of development of FUTSAL created 1930 by Prof. Juan Carlos Ceriani,
FIFA bribes you, decorates you, honours you, gives opportunities to you, gives benefit to you, mentions you, praises you, this is the amiable face of FIFA, the other, the true one, is the one that we read in the pages of the book “FOUL” by the British writer Andrew Jennings.

With bad name-calling, "Futsal" FIFA knows how:
To betray Juan Carlos Ceriani,
To humiliate us to the economic power,
To rob:
Eliminate FUTSAL, the Games of ODESUR, to be sold since they did it: Brazil 1989, Costa Rica 2007,
With "Futsal" FIFA has learned to cross all the scales of the human degradation, and also - God Is Great -, we have learned from FIFA, how to fight against FIFA, for a Free and Independent Futsal.

We detest FIFA: it’s supreme ideology towards FUTSAL of 1930, it’s genocide culture towards FUTSAL of Juan Carlos Ceriani, it’s sublime art to buy consciences, of the only one we love, we accept, we adore, of FIFA it is its ILEGITIMICY: historical, social, legal, of the authentic FUTSAL of 1930, the one of Juan Carlos Ceriani.

Carlos Briceño. 4.321.296 C.I.
President of the Venezuelan Futsal Federation.

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Tom Klein said...

We need to save the original futsal game of Juan Carlos Ceriani that was played by Pele, Zico and Ronaldo. We need to bring back the original futebol de salao ball-smaller and heavier than FIFA's Futsal Ball. The original futsal game is being in some part of the world. It is starting to be played in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.