Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Colombia vs Venezuela:

Colombia vs Venezuela

In Bogota (Colombia) the national teams of Colombia and Venezuela played the last sunday a friendly game in order to prepare the X World Cup.

The final result:

Colombia 4 Venezuela 2

Colombia was stronger than Venezuela, and with the help of the 1.500 people that was wathching the game, the home players had under control the game, Venezuela in the second time was near to get into the game but was the score 3-2, Colombia did score the fourth goal, and then Venezuela didnt have any chance.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Final report VI Women`s UEFS Cup

VI Women`s UEFS Cup

Volzhanka (Russia)
Sevinch (Uzbekiztan)
Rokada (Russia)
Sporting Alcala Prat (Catalonia)
Domina Club (Italy)

Day 1
Volzhanka vs Sevinch 3-2
Sporting Alcala Prat vs Domina Club 10-0

Day 2
Domina Club vs Volzhanka 0-17
Rokada vs Sporting Alcala Prat 5-1

Day 3
Volzhanka vs Rokada 5-1
Sevinch vs Domina Club 10-0

Day 4
Rokada vs Domina Club 9-2
Sporting Alcala Prat vs Sevinch 2-8

Day 5
Sevinch vs Rokada 2-5
Volzhanka vs Sporting Alcala Prat 7-1

Final standing:

4-Sporting Alcala Prat
5-Domina Club

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Futsal European Super-cup in Prague

European Super-cup in Prague

Next week from December 1st to 2nd is organized the first European U.E.F.S. Super-cup of club's teams in Prague. The double game short tournament is a final between the winner of European Champion's League - Podvodnik Jaroslavl (Russia) and the winner of the Cup of U.E.F.S. - Chemcomex Prague (Czech Republic).
The game will be showed to all over the world by internet TV on web page: www.net-tv.cz.
The games start at 20:00 Central European Time (19:00 Greenwich Mean Time). You are invited to see that matches for European Club's Champion for 2010 year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New website for AMF:

The World Futsal Association (AMF) has presented the new website:

Friday, November 19, 2010

AMF Congress:

Tomorrow and sunday will take place in the headquarters of World Futsal Association (AMF) the ordinary congress 2.010
The participants who has confirm are:
Canada (Daniel Cerros)
Mexico (Jaime Fuentes)
Venezuela (Carlos Briceño)
Ecuador (Patricio Ortiz)
Colombia (Jaime Arroyave, Manuel Sánchez, Ewin Carreño and Rubén Darío Delgado)
Uruguay (Mario Giménez)
Brazil (Gina Anjos)
Spain (Juan Probaos)
Uruguay (Gabriel Delmonte)
Island Santa Helena (Hugo Costa)
El Salvador (José Silva)
Xile (Ricardo Montoya)
India (Vijay Rahirkar)
Argentina (Pedro Bonettini and José Cirigliano)
Paraguay (Julio Notario and Fabio Martínez)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Women`s European championship for teams:

Women`s European Championship of Futsal for teams:

In the city of Platja D`Aro (Catalonia) will be held the Eurofutsal for female futsal, with the participation of 6 teams. November 21st to 27th

The competition will have 2 groups of 3 teams.

Group A:

Sevinch (Uzbekiztan)

Colegio Paidos (Spain)

Mokada (Russia)

Group B:

Domina Club (Italy)

A.E. sporting Alcala (Catalonia)

Volzhanka (Russia)

Photo: Belgium vs Venezuela 1st Women`s AMF World Cup

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Zealand Futsal Association Congratulations to the NZ Men on Qualifying for the AMF Futsal World Cup

As we draw to the end of 2010 we can reflect on an amazing year of Futsal it has been for New Zealand Futsal Association and Vikings Futsal. The NZ Men defeated Australia to qualify for the AMF Futsal World Cup to be held in Colombia March 16-26th 2011 and the NZ Women finished runners up at the Vikings World Futsal Championships and along the way defeated Australia for the first time ever.

Added to this the success of the Kiwisport KiwiFutsal programs in Dunedin and Nelson which have now seen 2600 primary school children exposed to Futsal for the first time. New Zealand Schools came oh so close to taking out the Australasian School titles on the Gold Coast of Australia with Dunedin School Taieri College finishing runners up in the 19girls division and Christchurch School Linwood College finishing 3rd in the 19 boys division.

New Zealand players featured in the Allstar awards at this event with Charlie Kerry and Shontelle Smith (both Taieri) picking up awards along with Josh O'Keefe and Joe Davies (both Linwood). Both Charlie Kerry and Josh O'Keefe are players to watch in the future with the senior Men and Womens coaches keeping a close eye on each player.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AMF Ordinary Congress:

AMF (World Futsal Association) Ordinary Congress
Asunción, Paraguay - November 20th and 21st, 2010

Agenda of the Congress

1. Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous Congress.
2. information of expenses: income and debits in charge of the treasurer
3. Discussion about the resignation of the AMF's treasurer, Lic. Estela Santacruz. Replacement proposal on the part of the President.
4. Report - Colombia World Championship
5. Presentation of the I F S B (International Futsal Board) on the modification of the Rules of the Game for its relevant application (Rule 10 and cards).
6. Presentation and explanation of the modifications that were introduced to the AMF's website.
7. Creation of the Ethic's Commissions
8. UEFS - communication/interpretation.
9. Olympic Games: Appointment of a Committee to approach the organization of the Olympic Games
10. Organization of International Championships and its relationship with the AMF.
11. Affiliations; treatment of the new conditions and presented request.
12. Annual Fees. Situation of the memberships
13. Sport calendar 2011/2012

14. Meeting of the Pan-American Futsal Association - PANAFUTSAL

. Reading of the minutes of the last Congress.
. Report on the Pan-American Championship of the south and north zone 2010 by the organizers.
. Resolutions on the Finals of the Pan-American Tournament of Champion Clubs, north zone vs. south zone, date and venue.
. Resolutions on the Inter-Continental Championship.

15. Date of the next Congress

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Futsal Italy:

(FICS) Comitato Regionale Lombardia

It 'started the season in male and female "Lombardia" with the record of participating teams.
· Centro Tende Urgnano BG
· CPS Stezzano BG
· Idr. Amigoni Stezzano BG
· Coronate Futsal Cornate d’Adda MB
· Imp. Nespoli Stezzano BG
· Cylinder Seriate BG
· Crocodiles Bergamo
· Zehnder Madone BG
· Sabor Latino Bergamo
· Amici Roby Bergamo
· Cooking For Madone BG


· CPS Stezzano BG
· Futbol de Salon Bergamo
· Ardor Bollate MI
· Real Caos Milano
· Futsal Cremona
· Casalbuttano CR
· Soresinese CR
· Crema Girls CR
· Casalasca CR

For all information visit the web-site

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre World Cup:

  • Colombia won the final versus argentina for 4-1.

  • Paraguay lost the game versus Brazil after 4-4 on the regular time, by penalties


Sports Hall: Carlos Martín Salinas
Referees: Román Garzón, Henry Martínez
Public: 5000 people


New Zealand Qualify for Futsal World Cup:

New Zealand Futsal Association are proud to announce that the New Zealand Mens Futsal Team have qualified for the AMF (World Futsal Association) Futsal World Cup to be held in Colombia March 16-26th 2011.

New Zealand had to overcome Australia in a qualification game that was also part of the Vikings World Futsal Championships in Malaysia. The game had everything, a huge comeback, overtime and a penalty shootout.

Australia led 3-1 with 3 minutes to play and looked to be on track to qualify when New Zealand scored through Peter Rae and James Vaughan, the latter with just 28 seconds remaining. Both sides had their chances in extra time but the deadlock couldn't be broken and it was left to be decided by a penalty shootout. New Zealand capitalised a 4th round miss by Australia and went on to take the match 5-4 on penalties.

The side will now start their preparations for Colombia where they are grouped with hosts Colombia, Ecuador, Belarus and will be based in Bogota. Congratulations to all the players involved in the qualification and best of luck at the Futsal World Cup.