Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2, Pre World Cup Colombia


A great game endid with a equal final result, Colombia couldnt brake the score, even they try during all the game, the 3500 people that was in the stadium gave wings to the home players, but Argentina with a very smart strategy did save 1 point.

The 5 initial players:

Edgar Gualdron
Jhon Celiz
Derly Sanchez
Jorge Cuervo
Jhon Pinilla

David Riveros
Fabian Banegas
Walter Figueroa
Marcelo Mescolatti
Nestor Endrinal


Fabian Banegas, Anibal Nuñez and Leonardo Silva for Argentina
For Colombia J. Celiz, J. Cuervo and J Gualdron

Paraguay 4 Brasil 0

Brasil does not have a chance to win this international tournament after losing the game againts Paraguay.

Paraguay got 2 points, after a hard game, where the brasilian players had the control of the ball, but the paraguayans did take profit of each shout.

The MVP, was Cristian Garcete the goalkeeper of Paraguay who did an excellent game.
Cristian Garcete has won 2 World Cups with Paraguay, Paraguay 2003 and Argetina 2007.

Pictures: National team of Colombia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Results Pre World Cup Colombia 2010:

Yesterday night in Huila (Colombia) did start the Pre World Cup- ACORD Cup, with the participation of the national teams of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia.
All of them World Chapion during the futsal history, Brazil twice, Paraguay three, and Argentina and Colombia one.

The first game, endid with 2-2 between Argentina vs Paraguay.

The second game, endid 8-2 for the home team. Colombia vs Brazil, the star was John Jairo Pinilla with 3 goals, he was declarate the best player of the world 2009 for the World Futsal association (AMF).

Stadium: Pilatito
Public: 3000 people

Goals Argentina: Fabian Banegas and Marcelo Mescolatti
Goals Paraguay: Cristian Ramirez and Diego Gonzalez

Goals Colombia: Jhon Jairo Pinilla 3, Estupiñan 2,Jose Cuervo, Derris Sanches and Jhon Celis

Goals Brazil: De Oliveira and De Souza

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Argentina announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Argentinian Futsal Confederation (CAFS), confirmed the names of the players that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, 3 members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.
The list was released by the national coach Mr.Miguel Schlebusch.

List of players:
N. Endrinal
W. Figueros
J.P. Giordanino
F. Banegas
A. Nuñez
L. Silva
P. Diaz
F. Contreras
M. Sanchez
F. Perez
D. Riveros

Coach: Miguel Schlebusch
Coach assitant: Osvaldo De Minicucci
Fisioterapist: Pablo artuso
Representative: Eduardo Simunovic

Futsal Australia:

Townsville and North Qld Futsal is under new leadership and as a result a few changes for the better will be implemented. Vikings Futsal Association Thanks all our Valued Customers for there patience and support as we prepare to get friendly games underway over the next few weeks.
All friendly Games will be posted on the front Page for the time being.

Townsville Futsal will once again cater for all age groups Junior - Seniors, Male & FemaleNew for this year - Kindy Futsal (Age 4 - 6 Years)

Some Questions Answered

Over the past week there has been much confusion about Vikings Futsal presence in Townsville, hopefully the following will put clarity for those who are still unsure:

1. Vikings Futsal Association at no stage has been taken over or has handed over Townsville operations to any other body
2. Vikings Futsal Association will continue to remain in Townsville, under new leadership
3. Any player who has already paid their registration will get this transferred to Vikings Futsal
4. All players who have been selected to National Futsal Championships (January 2011) in Sydney will automatically be registered with Vikings Futsal for the 2010 / 11 season of Futsal
5. All players who have recently competed in the National School Championships in Brisbane / Gold Coast will also be registered for Vikings Futsal for the 2010 / 11 season of Futsal

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paraguay announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Paraguayan Futsal Federation confirmed the names of the players that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, two members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.
The list was released by the national coach Mr.Adolfo Ruíz Díaz.

Players: Teams:
Cristian Garcete /Simón Bolivar
Sabino Meza/ José Meza
Diego González /Simón Bolivar
Celso Bogado/ José Meza
Abel Arámbulo/ Caaguazú
Sergio Romero /José Meza
Magno Pereira /Fomento Barrio obrero
Cristian Ramírez /Caaguazú
Hugo Delgado /Simón Bolivar
Diego Ortíz /Fomento Barrio obrero

Coach: Adolfo Ruíz Díaz
Coach Assitant: Eladio Báez
Fisioterapist: Hector Benítez
Doctor: Carolina Cubilla
Representative: Dr. Carlos Buffa

Friday, October 22, 2010

Futsal Belarus:

Belarus futsal LEAGUE, will start at next week-end. October 29th-31st in city Gomel.
It will be 8 teams for the National League.
1) Belkommunmash (Minsk)
2) Okhrana-Dinamo (Minsk)
3) VRZ (Gomel)
4) JKH (Gomel)
5) Minsk (Minsk)
6) Dream Team (Bobruisk)
7) To be confirm.
8) TBC

This 6 teams will play in Gomel at first tour and the last two will play at second tour, second tour will be in December.

In November will start the National Cup,16 teams into 4 groups.
The two best teams in every group will go in 1/4 final...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


To All the affiliated entities
From Dr. Rolando Alarcón, President
Subject AMF Congress
Date 09/26/2010

By this means, we inform that the World Futsal Association's (AMF) Congress will take place in the City of Asuncion, Paraguay on November 19, 20 and 21 of the current year.

Arrival date: 11/19/2010
Departure date: 11/22/2010

Considering the different topics to be treated in the event, which are very important for our Entity, we cordially ask you to confirm your presence as soon as possible.

During the month of October, as we know the members attending, we will provide you with the following information:
- Details about the hotel
- Agenda
- Others

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Rolando Alarcón

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

French Futsal National League:

Best formations of the UNCFs those who decide to play the season, with the objective of the Final of the National Challenge of the Clubs of Futsal 2011, last stage before the european competitions.

A true national championship, the League National of Futsal will be in the following way made up: - Northern LNFS Elite: 6 clubs - LNFS Elite East : 6clubs - LNFS Southern Elite: 7 clubs A true championship of France to a single group , This is one of the projects of the UNCFs in the years to come.

For the moment there is 3 gruops (North, South and East ) which was installation with the best teams of these last seasons, or, in any case, those which are ready to raise this beautiful challenge.

The clubs such as Beaucaire, Fields on the Marne, Flash, Bastia or Lentilly, each one in its geographical area, before meeting in a final which is announces already palpitating. And the first teams concerned will be the " northern " as of this Sunday October 17 in Champs-sur-Marne will joining together the six formations. For the Southern Elite, undoubtedly the most raised of the three gruops, the appointment is taken for October 30, just like the Northern Elite.
You will be able find last information, the clubs, results, classifications and videos of the LNFS on .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brazil announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Brazilian Futsal Confederation confirmed the roster games that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, two members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.

The list was released by the confederation statement chaired by José Mauricio de Freitas Neto, president of the Brazilian entity: "Brazil is interested in restoring the role and place of honor to have been a constant in our sporting history, because while were not in the World Cup Mendoza, Argentina 2007, Colombia's 2011 home run we are going and this will be our first major gauge of forces, "said the leader.

Brazilian players are known to possess a high technical and tactical as well as their mental agility and speed when crossing balls. The team will contest the premundial Pitalito to be directed by Celso Luis Marques and physical therapist Giselle will Hebling, while inside the players stand Lisbon Alessio Mendes, Evandro De Oliveira, Jorge Luiz Ferreira, Marcel Martins and Marcos Da Eduarco Costa.

AMF Futsal historical power

Brazil is considered one of the futsal powers given by the AMF (World FutsalAssociation) . In fact, the Brazilian team achieved the first two World Cup titles in Brazil 1982 , Spain 1985), But since that time has not come back to win the award.
The closest has been the title since then is the subtitle of 1988 when in Australia lost the final against Paraguay by 2 to 1.

Delegation members:

Alessio Mendes Lisboa
Daniel Fernando Marques
Evandro Roberto De Oliveira
Fabio Roberto Simões Zaqueo
Glauber Ignácio De Aguiar
Jeferson Danilo De Souza
Jorge Luiz Ferreira De Souza
Marcel Martins
Marcos Eduardo Da Costa
Rodrigo Malavski
Samuel Sampietri Costa
Sivaldo Jose Gonçalves Filho
Victor Hugo Silva De Aragão
Vinicius Fernandes Do Amaral

Futsal France:

Women`s Futsal in France

First women`s Futsal National Championship in France, to be held April 16th to 17th in the region of Seine Saint Denis.
The winner of this championship will play in the women`s UEFS Cup, in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) from November 15th to 21st. At the same time from this National Championship will be selected the French national team that will represent France in the Women`s EUROFUTSAL to be held in Czech Republic December 13th to 19th.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pre World Cup:

In Huila (Colombia) will take place from October 27th to 30th, the futsal PRE WORLD CUP, with four national teams all of them have been world champion before.
World Champion winners.
**Brasil: Brasil 1982 /Spain 1985
***Paraguay: Australia 1988/ Paraguay 2003/ Argentina 2007
*Colombia: Bolivia 2000
*Argentina: Argentina 1994
World Chapion Runner-up:
Brasil: Australia 1988
Paraguay: Brasil 1982 / Italy 1991
Colombia: Argentina 1994
Argentina: Argentina 2007

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Futsal Luxembourg:

From the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we get the news of the creation of the Fédération Nationale des Clubs Luxembourgeois de FUTSAL (FNCLF).

This new federation has start the process of afiliation into C.O.S.L (Olimpic Com. of Luxembourg) , AMF and UEFS.

The founders of the FNCLF are: Mr. Mambu Francis, Mr. Kabongo Evariste, Mr. Laporta Domenico, Mr. Boukrourou Karim, Ms. Lacrosse Colette.
Visit their website under construction:

Silly sentence in French Futsal againts the Independent Futsal:

A French Futsal international is fighting a 91-year ban imposed by the national football federation FFF for playing with two passes.
Amateur player Ali Bedredine received the sanction for obtaining licences to play for a futsal club under the aegis of FFF (FIFA) and one under the futsal organisation UNCFs (AMF).
Bedredine's ban was described by France Soir newspaper Tuesday as 'unbelievable but true.' Other media said the sanction was out of all proportion to the short bans imposed in professional football for bad fouls and far worse offences.
The 31-year-old player said there was in any case nothing in the regulations against playing futsal with two different licences.
'These are two different things. It's as if they want to prevent me from playing tennis and going swimming at the same time,' he said.

Ali Bedredine its the captain of the french national team for the UNCFs member of UEFS and AMF, once again FIFA use their power in order to destroy the Independent Futsal, we should remember that FUTSAL its a diferent sport than Football 5 from FIFA, even that FIFA lately FIFA does use the word FUTSAL, that was use for FIFUSA-AMF since 1985.

Futsal Russia:

XI Women`s Futsal Russian Championship

Group A
1. Youth "Annenkov" Kaluga
2. "ROKADA" Volgograd
3. "Volzhanka" Cheboksary

Group B
1. ISKRA Leningrad region.
2. "CP-47" Gus-Crystal

on 17.10.2010 in the city and Upper Artemovsky Pyshma starts new futsal season for teams in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.
Participation in the tournament will be 8 teams divided into 2 groups.
Group A
Kalina Artemovsky
Signal Artemovsky
AJAX Ekaterinburg
RUBIN Aramil
Group B
C K A Top Pyshma
QUANTUM Upper Pyshma
SUGRES Sredneuralsk
Ekaterinburg Dynamo-Youth

XIX Russian Cup Futsal:

Taganskaya SERIES (Ekaterinburg) - NADYMNEFTEGAZ (Moscow) 2-2
Volkhov (Veliky Novgorod) - Spartak (Moscow) 4-2
Submariner (Yaroslavl) - Taganskaya SERIES (Ekaterinburg) 1-1
NADYMNEFTEGAZ (Moscow) - Submariner (Yaroslavl) 1-4

Semifinals October 8th:

Submariner (Yaroslavl) vs Spartak (Moscow)
Volkhov (Veliky Novgorod) vs Taganskaya SERIES (Ekaterinburg)