Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2, Pre World Cup Colombia


A great game endid with a equal final result, Colombia couldnt brake the score, even they try during all the game, the 3500 people that was in the stadium gave wings to the home players, but Argentina with a very smart strategy did save 1 point.

The 5 initial players:

Edgar Gualdron
Jhon Celiz
Derly Sanchez
Jorge Cuervo
Jhon Pinilla

David Riveros
Fabian Banegas
Walter Figueroa
Marcelo Mescolatti
Nestor Endrinal


Fabian Banegas, Anibal Nuñez and Leonardo Silva for Argentina
For Colombia J. Celiz, J. Cuervo and J Gualdron

Paraguay 4 Brasil 0

Brasil does not have a chance to win this international tournament after losing the game againts Paraguay.

Paraguay got 2 points, after a hard game, where the brasilian players had the control of the ball, but the paraguayans did take profit of each shout.

The MVP, was Cristian Garcete the goalkeeper of Paraguay who did an excellent game.
Cristian Garcete has won 2 World Cups with Paraguay, Paraguay 2003 and Argetina 2007.

Pictures: National team of Colombia

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Anonymous said...

Argentina has better soccer players, I do not understand how they didn't win.
In my travel to Argentina I played a match with the Argentine friends I made. Yes, they have also soccer for women!