Wednesday, October 13, 2010

French Futsal National League:

Best formations of the UNCFs those who decide to play the season, with the objective of the Final of the National Challenge of the Clubs of Futsal 2011, last stage before the european competitions.

A true national championship, the League National of Futsal will be in the following way made up: - Northern LNFS Elite: 6 clubs - LNFS Elite East : 6clubs - LNFS Southern Elite: 7 clubs A true championship of France to a single group , This is one of the projects of the UNCFs in the years to come.

For the moment there is 3 gruops (North, South and East ) which was installation with the best teams of these last seasons, or, in any case, those which are ready to raise this beautiful challenge.

The clubs such as Beaucaire, Fields on the Marne, Flash, Bastia or Lentilly, each one in its geographical area, before meeting in a final which is announces already palpitating. And the first teams concerned will be the " northern " as of this Sunday October 17 in Champs-sur-Marne will joining together the six formations. For the Southern Elite, undoubtedly the most raised of the three gruops, the appointment is taken for October 30, just like the Northern Elite.
You will be able find last information, the clubs, results, classifications and videos of the LNFS on .

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