Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Futsal Australia:

Townsville and North Qld Futsal is under new leadership and as a result a few changes for the better will be implemented. Vikings Futsal Association Thanks all our Valued Customers for there patience and support as we prepare to get friendly games underway over the next few weeks.
All friendly Games will be posted on the front Page for the time being.

Townsville Futsal will once again cater for all age groups Junior - Seniors, Male & FemaleNew for this year - Kindy Futsal (Age 4 - 6 Years)

Some Questions Answered

Over the past week there has been much confusion about Vikings Futsal presence in Townsville, hopefully the following will put clarity for those who are still unsure:

1. Vikings Futsal Association at no stage has been taken over or has handed over Townsville operations to any other body
2. Vikings Futsal Association will continue to remain in Townsville, under new leadership
3. Any player who has already paid their registration will get this transferred to Vikings Futsal
4. All players who have been selected to National Futsal Championships (January 2011) in Sydney will automatically be registered with Vikings Futsal for the 2010 / 11 season of Futsal
5. All players who have recently competed in the National School Championships in Brisbane / Gold Coast will also be registered for Vikings Futsal for the 2010 / 11 season of Futsal

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