Thursday, October 28, 2010

Results Pre World Cup Colombia 2010:

Yesterday night in Huila (Colombia) did start the Pre World Cup- ACORD Cup, with the participation of the national teams of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia.
All of them World Chapion during the futsal history, Brazil twice, Paraguay three, and Argentina and Colombia one.

The first game, endid with 2-2 between Argentina vs Paraguay.

The second game, endid 8-2 for the home team. Colombia vs Brazil, the star was John Jairo Pinilla with 3 goals, he was declarate the best player of the world 2009 for the World Futsal association (AMF).

Stadium: Pilatito
Public: 3000 people

Goals Argentina: Fabian Banegas and Marcelo Mescolatti
Goals Paraguay: Cristian Ramirez and Diego Gonzalez

Goals Colombia: Jhon Jairo Pinilla 3, Estupiñan 2,Jose Cuervo, Derris Sanches and Jhon Celis

Goals Brazil: De Oliveira and De Souza

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Tracy said...

It looks like it was a fun game!! Argentina is an expert in soccer, but the amount of footballers that Brazil prepares every year is huge, so it is hard for the others to compete. When I was in Argentina, I was staying in one of those Buenos Aires apartments and I decided I wanted to go see one of these games because everybody was saying that it was quite a show. I finally went to see the classic Boca Juniors against River Plate. I had the best time, I really felt like a true fan!