Monday, October 11, 2010

Brazil announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Brazilian Futsal Confederation confirmed the roster games that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, two members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.

The list was released by the confederation statement chaired by José Mauricio de Freitas Neto, president of the Brazilian entity: "Brazil is interested in restoring the role and place of honor to have been a constant in our sporting history, because while were not in the World Cup Mendoza, Argentina 2007, Colombia's 2011 home run we are going and this will be our first major gauge of forces, "said the leader.

Brazilian players are known to possess a high technical and tactical as well as their mental agility and speed when crossing balls. The team will contest the premundial Pitalito to be directed by Celso Luis Marques and physical therapist Giselle will Hebling, while inside the players stand Lisbon Alessio Mendes, Evandro De Oliveira, Jorge Luiz Ferreira, Marcel Martins and Marcos Da Eduarco Costa.

AMF Futsal historical power

Brazil is considered one of the futsal powers given by the AMF (World FutsalAssociation) . In fact, the Brazilian team achieved the first two World Cup titles in Brazil 1982 , Spain 1985), But since that time has not come back to win the award.
The closest has been the title since then is the subtitle of 1988 when in Australia lost the final against Paraguay by 2 to 1.

Delegation members:

Alessio Mendes Lisboa
Daniel Fernando Marques
Evandro Roberto De Oliveira
Fabio Roberto Simões Zaqueo
Glauber Ignácio De Aguiar
Jeferson Danilo De Souza
Jorge Luiz Ferreira De Souza
Marcel Martins
Marcos Eduardo Da Costa
Rodrigo Malavski
Samuel Sampietri Costa
Sivaldo Jose Gonçalves Filho
Victor Hugo Silva De Aragão
Vinicius Fernandes Do Amaral

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