Friday, October 22, 2010

Futsal Belarus:

Belarus futsal LEAGUE, will start at next week-end. October 29th-31st in city Gomel.
It will be 8 teams for the National League.
1) Belkommunmash (Minsk)
2) Okhrana-Dinamo (Minsk)
3) VRZ (Gomel)
4) JKH (Gomel)
5) Minsk (Minsk)
6) Dream Team (Bobruisk)
7) To be confirm.
8) TBC

This 6 teams will play in Gomel at first tour and the last two will play at second tour, second tour will be in December.

In November will start the National Cup,16 teams into 4 groups.
The two best teams in every group will go in 1/4 final...

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