Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paraguay announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Paraguayan Futsal Federation confirmed the names of the players that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, two members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.
The list was released by the national coach Mr.Adolfo Ruíz Díaz.

Players: Teams:
Cristian Garcete /Simón Bolivar
Sabino Meza/ José Meza
Diego González /Simón Bolivar
Celso Bogado/ José Meza
Abel Arámbulo/ Caaguazú
Sergio Romero /José Meza
Magno Pereira /Fomento Barrio obrero
Cristian Ramírez /Caaguazú
Hugo Delgado /Simón Bolivar
Diego Ortíz /Fomento Barrio obrero

Coach: Adolfo Ruíz Díaz
Coach Assitant: Eladio Báez
Fisioterapist: Hector Benítez
Doctor: Carolina Cubilla
Representative: Dr. Carlos Buffa

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