Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Argentina announced definitive roster for Pre World Cup:

Argentinian Futsal Confederation (CAFS), confirmed the names of the players that will be present in Futsal pre world Cup in Pitalito 'Cup Premundial Acord 60 years, "composed of twelve players, 3 members of the coaching staff and a national delegate.
The list was released by the national coach Mr.Miguel Schlebusch.

List of players:
N. Endrinal
W. Figueros
J.P. Giordanino
F. Banegas
A. Nuñez
L. Silva
P. Diaz
F. Contreras
M. Sanchez
F. Perez
D. Riveros

Coach: Miguel Schlebusch
Coach assitant: Osvaldo De Minicucci
Fisioterapist: Pablo artuso
Representative: Eduardo Simunovic

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