Thursday, February 24, 2011

Official launching of the X World Cup of futsal

In the capital of Meta the official launching of the World Cup of futsal was realised, where it appeared the mascot Mico-Micro and the trophy, that will take the name of Jaime Arroyave.
In the Hotel “El Campanario” was realised the official launching of the X World Cup of Futsal, where sixteen (16) teams will play for the glory, to dispute the title of the orbital contest.
In the event of the launching was present the president of the Colombian Federation of Futsal, Manuel Sanchez and the retinue of the contest, like the sport leaders of the city and the department as well as the sport press of the region.
The mascot officially made its presence of the X World Cup of Futsal, Mico - Micro, like the trophy of the match, which took the name of Jaime Arroyabe, the “Pantaleón” known in the Futsal scope, is the top leader who always was pawned to have a World Cup in Columbia, realising that dream in a reality.
The president of the Federation of Futsal, Manuel Sanchez, confirmed; " I am more than satisfied and confirm once again, that we were not mistaken with Villavicencio and with his Mayor, who is it jeopardize with this world cup, where Llano is not only going to show their good performance all Colombia will show it, by its unconditional support to this sport, because every day that happens, people continue growing her liking and the love for Futsal".
It is only pending so that by group “B” it rolls the ball days 16, 17 and 18 of March with the countries of Uruguay, Catalonia, Peru and Canada. The next day 26 Saturday and Sunday 27 of February, it was confirmed the selected presence of Colombia in the capital of Meta, playing the two friendly games, one before the professional team of futsal that played the season of a 2011 in the Postobón Cup of Futsal and local team from Villavicencio.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Futsal Cameroon:

The la Ligue Nationale de Futsal du Cameroun(LNF) and the l’Association Camerounaise de Futsal(ACF), members of the AMF, will organize their Second National Chapionship for Universities.
On this 2nd edition will participate 11 teams:
l'Université de Yaoundé I (UYI) ; l'Université de Yaoundé II (UYII) ; l'Université de Douala (UDLA) and l'Université de Dschang (UDS), private universities : l'Institut Ndi-Samba Supérieur (INSS) and l'Institut Supérieur de Management du Manengouba de Nkongsamba ( ISMAM ) and the schools, l'École Nationale Supérieur des Travaux Publics (ENSTP),Institut National De la Jeunesse et des Sports.

Champion of the 1st edition: Institut Supérieur de Management de Manengouba.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st 4 Nations Futsal Cup ELEMENTS:

This morning has been presented the program of this championship in the City of Ripoll. have attend the event the President of the Catalanian Futsal Federation Mr. Jordi Eduardo, , the Chairman of Council Ripollès Mr. Enric Pérez, Councilwoman of the City, MsTeresa Jorda, Council of Sports, Mr. Ramon Serra, and the president of the Futsal Ripoll Mr. Joan Avilés.
Has been highlighted the importance of this event as the first senior to be held in the new Centre of sporting Ripoll, "The Avellaneda" will open this Saturday and aims to not only accommodate ripolleses to sports organizations, but also be a reference center of the Catalan sport. During the event has been mentioned importance of this tournament as preparation for facing the world championship, taking place in Colombia, which a budget of $ 5 million.
This event will take place on 4, 5 and 6 March,with the participation of Catalonia, Euskadi, Belgium and Sweden.
Has highlighted the importance and level of the Catalanian Futsal also said that the coming November will be held in Catalonia the European Championship Under-21 (with the participation of 12 teams)

. The President of the Federation said that one of the candidates for hosting this championship Under-21 will be

In Ripoll (Catalonia) from the 4th to 6th march, the first 4 nations Futsal Cup ELEMENTS, with the national teams of:





Schedule games:

Friday 4th

19.30h Catalonia vs Sweden

21.00h Belgium vs Euskadi

Saturday 5th

19.30h Belgium vs Sweden

21.00h Catalonia vs Euskadi

Sunday 6th

11.30h Euskadi vs Sweden

13.00h Catalonia vs Belgium

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Women Futsal Czech Republic:

Women league of Czech Republic - final tournament

Chemcomex Praha - Klimco Darkovice 3:3; penalty 5:3
Goals: 12. Krejcarova, 22. a 28. Divisova - 8. Stanjurova, 22. Schwarzerova, 30. Blahova
StIrci Semily - FC Hradec Kralove 2:3
Goals: 12. Zampova Z., 29. Pomijova - 11. Benesova, 17. Lacinova, 21. Svobodova
Third place

Klimco Darkovice - Stirci Semily 5:5; penalty 6:5
Goals: 12. a 13. Stanjurova, 15. Minolova, 20. Blahova, 22. Hlavenkova - 5., 17., 20. Matejkova, 24. Pomijova, 24. Zampova Z.


Chemcomex Praha - FC Hradec Kralove 3:0
Goals: 16. Divisova, 30. Bestova, 38. Krejcarova
Final standings:

1. Chemcomex Praha A
2. FC Hradec Kralove A
3. Klimco Darkovice
4. Stirci Semily
5. FC Hradec Kralove B
6. FK SPARTAK Kaplice
7. Rumové vily Plzen
8. JAFA TJ Platan Protivin
9. Chemcomex Praha B
Video available on

Futsal Belarus:

Belkommunmash winner of the XVI National Cup of Futsal.
XVI National Cup of Belarus

VRZ vs JKH 4:0
Belkommunmash vs Okhrana Dinamo 2:1

Belkommunmash vs VRZ 1:1*
* Belkommunmash winner on penalties 3:1

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Zealand Futsal:

Press release of New Zealand Futsal Association:

New Zealand Mens World Cup Squad

Coach Gui Costa has settled on his squad for the X Futsal World Cup to be held in Colombia March 15-26th 2011,
Bakr Al-Saudi
Hady Osman
Darren Hart
Peter Rae
Josh Cremen
Sean McIntee
Rami Dawwas
Kareem Osman
Ouadhah Ragued
James Vaughan
Leyvaine Davids GK
Chris Sinclair GK
Jakua Sinkora
Daniel Burns
Coach: Gui Costa
Manager: Charlie Cremen
Sports Trainer: Nicole Shepard
The side will depart from Auckland on March 10th and travel to Bogota where they will base themselves and prepare for their first game on March 16th against Belarus.
They will then play Ecuador on the 17th and hosts Colombia on the 18th.

AMF (World Futsal Association) have been holding a Futsal World Cup Since 1982 and are the World Founding Futsal organisation, establishing in 1930 under the banner of FIFUSA.
The current World Cup holders are Paraguay who have won the title 3 times (1988, 2003, 2007) with Brazil claiming 2 titles in 1982 and 1985. No doubt both these sides will be teams to contest for the title again along with host Nation Colombia whi finished 3rd at the 2007 event.
Australia hosted the 1988 AMF Futsal World Cup, but this will be the first time a New Zealand side has been involved.

New Zealand Futsal Association is proud to be a part of the World Futsal Association and the Futsal World Cup

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Futsal Canada:

The biggest complain about soccer is the lack of goals.
You can then toss in the complaint about it being too slow.
If you get really picky, there are complaints about the game being too long.
Then there is the annoying habit players have of getting tackled and making a meal out of rolling around and pretending they are on death’s door.
If all that bothers you, even though the sport does entice you to watch it, the solution to all your complaints may be futsal soccer played on hardwood.
Popular especially in South America, it’s soccer played on a gym floor with the speed and movement of basketball.
London has a league, but exposure to the sport is still minimal among soccer fans.
Two local players, though, will take part in what may be the futsal experience of a lifetime for them.
Camilo Gonzalez and Santiago Raigoza have made the Canadian team for the AMF Futsal World Cup in Colombia in March. There are two governing organizations in futsal, the other being FIFA.
“There was a falling-out a while ago and AMF are on their own,” said Carlos Radic, director of sport for AMF and an assistant coach of the Canadian team. “There are some different rules involved and AMF is a lot quicker.”Futsal is usually played in a 20-by-40-metre gym. There are five players per side.
The major differences in the game are the size of the ball and the play of the goaltenders.“In AMF, the keeper gets used a lot,” Radic said. “You need a keeper who can stop with his hands, but you can use him as a player because he can come out and play like a player.“In AMF, that means there is a constant rotation. Some teams like Belarus, change like hockey every two minutes, others change depending on fitness.”The games are two 20-minute halves.
Time stops when the ball goes outside the lines.
A team that commits five fouls in a half gives up a unopposed kick from 9 metres from the net. Five fouls on an individual player and that player is removed from the game.
Gonzalez is well known for his outdoor game in London. The 21-year-old plays for AEK London and FC London.
But he like futsal more than he does the outdoor game.“I like them both but futsal is more fun,” he said. “It’s more intense. Outdoor is fun but it might get a little boring sometimes. There’s not as many goals, not as exciting.”Gonzalez is one of those who believes if people watch the game, they’ll love it.“They would enjoy watching futsal more because soccer is sometimes bland and it’s long,” he said. “This one is only 20 minutes a half.
You see a crazy amount of things happening. A lot of people don’t now the sport, they just think two stay up and two stay on defence but the way you are supposed to play the sport, you actually rotate all the time, so if one goes, the other one goes back, so you are always moving.”Radic is based in Kitchener. The team will take 12 players to Columbia, where they play in a preliminary group with Catalonia, Peru and Uruguay.
The group is attempting to raise funds for the March tournament.
Radic says he has participated in both the FIFA-style of futsal and AMF and he prefers AMF.“Players are constantly moving and you have to be in condition,” he said. “I get a lot of fat, old guys when I have tryouts for teams and because they don’t like to run but you have to run in this game.”The team going to the World Cup has arranged an exhibition game in London on Feb. 20 with details still to be worked out.
For Gonzalez, though, the trip to Colombia will be more than just futsal.
He left Colombia about 10 years ago. His relatives are “going crazy” about the opportunity.“I haven’t been back since,” he said. “Not only am I going back playing for Canada but I am going to my home country for the first time. It’s so exciting.”

Monday, February 14, 2011

II Nations Cup:

Russia the CHAMPIONS

Russia vs France

Catalonia vs France

Russia champion of the II Nations Cup of Futsal in Platja d`Aro (Catalonia)


Final Standing
3ºSt. Helena


(*) Penaltys winner 3-1

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nations Cup on internet TV:

Tomorrow saturday 12th the semifinals of the second Nations Cup will be on internet TV.

Semifinal 1

17:00h Russia vs Santa Helena

Semifinal 2

19:00h Catalonia vs France

Timming GMT + 1h.

You can see the games at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Currently results II Nations Cup:

Day 3:

Gambia vs Italy 7-8

Russia vs France 5-2

Sweden vs Saint Helena 2-6

Catalonia vs Kyrguistan 3-2

Day 2:

France vs Gambia 9-2
Russia vs Italy 12-2
Sweden vs Kirguiztan 16-4
Catalonia vs Saint Helena 3-1

Day 1:

15.00 France-Italy 6-3

17.00 Russia-Gambia 12-2

19.00 Kirguizistan-Sant Helena 3-5

21.00 Catalonia-Sweden 6-5

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mercosur Futsal Cup:

Mercosur Futsal Cup.

This weekend the national teams of Paraguay (Current World Champion), Argentina and Uruguay did play the Mercosur Futsal Cup in Flores (Uruguay)

The Champion has been Paraguay.

The result of the games:

Paraguay vs Argentina: 2-3
Uruguay vs Paraguay:
Uruguay vs Argentina:

Uruguay vs Paraguay