Thursday, February 24, 2011

Official launching of the X World Cup of futsal

In the capital of Meta the official launching of the World Cup of futsal was realised, where it appeared the mascot Mico-Micro and the trophy, that will take the name of Jaime Arroyave.
In the Hotel “El Campanario” was realised the official launching of the X World Cup of Futsal, where sixteen (16) teams will play for the glory, to dispute the title of the orbital contest.
In the event of the launching was present the president of the Colombian Federation of Futsal, Manuel Sanchez and the retinue of the contest, like the sport leaders of the city and the department as well as the sport press of the region.
The mascot officially made its presence of the X World Cup of Futsal, Mico - Micro, like the trophy of the match, which took the name of Jaime Arroyabe, the “Pantaleón” known in the Futsal scope, is the top leader who always was pawned to have a World Cup in Columbia, realising that dream in a reality.
The president of the Federation of Futsal, Manuel Sanchez, confirmed; " I am more than satisfied and confirm once again, that we were not mistaken with Villavicencio and with his Mayor, who is it jeopardize with this world cup, where Llano is not only going to show their good performance all Colombia will show it, by its unconditional support to this sport, because every day that happens, people continue growing her liking and the love for Futsal".
It is only pending so that by group “B” it rolls the ball days 16, 17 and 18 of March with the countries of Uruguay, Catalonia, Peru and Canada. The next day 26 Saturday and Sunday 27 of February, it was confirmed the selected presence of Colombia in the capital of Meta, playing the two friendly games, one before the professional team of futsal that played the season of a 2011 in the Postobón Cup of Futsal and local team from Villavicencio.

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