Thursday, July 31, 2008

Futsal clubs World Cup 2.008:

Commodore has everything ready for the Futsal Clubs World Cup

Argentina will have as representative a Casino Club, comodorense team that has the technical direction of Miguel Schlebusch, who yesterday met with Mayor Martin Buzzi alongside leaders of futsal at local and provincial levels.

The matches will be played at the municipal gymnasium and in Huergo 1 Complex, which will be refurbished. The delegations, which arrive from Russia, Oceania, Africa, Paraguay, Colombia and Venezuela, will stay at the Commodore Hotel. The contribution of the municipality and province is a fact.

A little less than an hour yesterday demanded the meeting to be carried out yesterday in the office of mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, Martin Buzzi, who along with Ricardo Fueyo-owner of the Agency Decentralised Commodore Sports-hosted representatives of soccer lounge. The conclave served to internalize the head communal on progress in organizing the ninth Clubs World Cup of futsal, to be conducted in Comodoro Rivadavia between 3 and November 8 and which will require an investment of 300,000 pesos, approximately.
The sole representative of Argentina will be Casino Club, comodorense team and current Pan American champion South led by Miguel Schlebusch, who attended the meeting along with Jose Maria Ferreira de las Casas-president of the Federation Chubutense Football Hall-and Oscar Fuentes-holder Leading the Football Hall of Comodoro Rivadavia.

"WILL BE SOMETHING Historic" Commodore was ratified as host of Club World by the World Futsal Association, which together with the Confederation Argentina commissioned a series of demands similar to those made when this same city hosted the championship a year ago Pan American South, where Casino won the title allowed access to World Cup 2008.

Miguel Schlebusch, coach of Argentine sole representative in the forthcoming competition, left relaxed and happy of the meeting. "The mayor was very pleased with the overall management we did so far and pledged to join in all this," remarked a dialogue with Patagonian Journal. It was confirmed that the municipality will provide the municipal gymnasium of Aristóbulo 1 Valley and Viamonte, and the Complex Huergo to be reconditioned. "At Huergo must add two rows over lighting and paint with brighter colors, which absorb more light," explained technical director
Lunch and dinner for the delegations also be borne by the communal body.
"The municipality also will occupy the meal high competition, which is going to do all in Huergo, as in the Pan American," extended.
The government of Chubut will be responsible for accommodation. "It was arranged with the Commodore Hotel, as in the Pan American. There are going to accommodate the teams and will have breakfast, "he said.
Schlebusch says that the realization of the World Club Championship in the capital of oil, will be a historic event for various reasons. "It's going to be historic, because this Clubs World Cup are always played in Russia. For the first time (in its IX edition) is going to do in Argentina, Commodore, and with a team of this city, "he said.
According to the coach, something like this never happen again. "One World Cup Clubs are not going to do anymore at Commodore, and will be very difficult for a team playing the Commodore again, because we must win a Pan American, a number of steps to climb.
In these past two years, there were a lot of things and we must seize the moment, "he said. Schlebusch, containing tears, expressed his pride in being part of this happy for this football hall of Comodoro Rivadavia, and included Jose Maria Ferreira de las Casas-president of the Federation Chubutense-feast in his staff. "This is the frutillita of dessert.
With Ferreira we are thirty years in this, and we can organise a world that the Commodore and I play the lead is something you proud, because you have the certainty that everything you did on the road was not in vain, "he said.

Monday, July 28, 2008

News from Italy:


This is the Italian Feminine National Team for the "World Cup female futsal" to be held in Reus (Catalonia)



Delegation ITALY:
Coach: Gennaro Russo (Campania)
Representative: Artemio Scardicchio (Puglia)
SEGRETARY FICS: Laura Bacher (Lombardia)
Staff: Leonardo Todaro (Lombardia)
PRESIDENT FICS: Claudio Allodi (Lombardia)

Anna Piras (Futsal Cagliari - CA - Sardegna)
Lavinia Bellizio (Magna Grecia - SA - Campania)
Michela Grandino (Magna Grecia - SA - Campania)
Angela Ruggero (Real Sannio - SA - Campania)
Elisabetta Gisondi (Pol. Cerreto S. - BN - Campania)
Concetta Uccellini (Pol. Cerreto S. - BN - Campania)
Caterina Del Picco (Calcio in Rosa - BA - Puglia)
Michela Bottini (CPS Stezzano - BG - Lombardia)
Debora Orioli (CPS Stezzano - BG - Lombardia)
Carmela Martino (Torre Pino - BA - Puglia)
Valeria Volpicelli (Calcio in Rosa - BA - Puglia)
Valentina Pagliara (Calcio in Rosa - BA - Puglia)

For all the informations about the activities of Futsal in Italy organized by FICS


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Letter from Mr. Zamora (President FCFS-Catalonia):

We are on the doors of the celebration of the first Championship of women National Selections of Futsal, Championship that has been conceded to the Catalan Federation of Futsal part of the World Futsal Association (AMF), entity that the Catalan Federation belongs from longer than a Year, In the Face of this event I have of standing out two fundamental aspects the help and implication of the Town Council of Reus as well as of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, across the General Secretary's Office of the Sport that the main craftsmen that this Sport event of first world order can develop in our Country. The Other Aspect which I want to highlight him that treats itself of a contest Feminine where the Federation that I have the honor of presiding, it has always stood out to promote the Feminine Sport, we do not forget that the first International Contest where the Feminine National Selection Shared Futsal was the Championship of Europe Celebrated in Russia in the year 2004, where our Selection attained the medal of silver brilliantly, losing only at the Final with the Powerful Selection Host for one adjusted 2-0.Also its very important to highlight that this first World Championship of female Futsal , it comes organized for a defending Federation of the Futsal Independent and for the World Futsal Association (AMF), entity upsets in the activity developed by FIFA that it is intending to appropriate the identity of the Futsal World-Wide in form Fraudulent, usurping a space that it does not belong to them, but they when demonstrating with facts really represents the Futsal World-Wide where the ensign FIFA their shames, the futsal only the Flight for to increase theirs volume of business, when it frequents of the promotion and promotion of the sport in form altruistic and amateurish, that they do not search them, an evidence them to see who it has been capable of organizing a first World-Wide of Feminine Selections, above the economical interests, that sleep the onlyy that they motivate in UEFA and FIFA, and surprisingly the AMF to prisoner the front part organizing this First Championship of the World, well its a certain that with the complicity of the Government of Catalonia it has understood perfectly the reality of the Futsal Català and world-wide and of the Town Council of Reus always predisposed to share events of first magnitude, like this gifts I invite to everybody to enjoy an event sportly of first magnitude, and to wish that our Selection it attains the best classification of the hitory. Like this gifts spurring everybody to attend so much important event and I thanks you and everyone that have made the reality of this World-Wide Championship possible.

Josep Maria Zamora i Monje

President de la Federació Catalana de Futbol Sala

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Futsal USA:

Florida Futsal & Soccer Florida Futsal

Invites you to Their 4th. Annual

Hosted by TASFACA (member of Fedration of Futsal USA)

Celebrating 78 years of Futsal

Teacher Juan Carlos Ceriani, The Father of Futsal.
Uruguay9/03/1907 - 25/06/1996
Dates: December 19-21, 2008
Call 813-541-7520 or E-mail

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paraguay ready for the World Cup:

Paraguay is prepared for World Cup Reus 2.008

The Paraguayan selection of Futsal is prepared intensely to compete in the first Female World Cup of Futsal, to carry out itself of the 29 of September to the 5 of October in Reus, Catalonia, with the participation of 12 countries, and that counts on the endorsement of the World Futsal Association (AMF).
The Paraguayans train for two weeks in the physical part with professor Juan Carlos Tabarelli, whereas the technical-tactical works are in charge of Luis Martin Barrientos, one of the distinguishedest trainers of the Futsal of Paraguayan and that in World Cup Mendoza 2007 lead to the masculine Paraguayan selection, that in this opportunity devoted unconquered champion.

Culminated the local feminine match, the selected ones exclusively train with mentioned professional, in double the turn, trying to secure a suitable preparation for the ecumenical match, because - according to they indicated the objective is the title.
Those that integrates the selected establishment Paraguayan they are: Marlene Flecha (Goalkeeper), Berta Goatherd, Johana Galeano, Griselda Salinas and Lorraine Diaz (Escuela Municipal Lambaré), Juana Rosemary (Goalkeeper), Carolina Candia and Cinthia Mancuello (Simon Bolivar), Rose Hilda Benítez (Corazón de America), Jessica Ayala (29 de Setiembre), Hermelinda Grouse (Ciudad del este) and Karen Valenzuela (Pedro Juan Caballero).
Previous at the beginning of the most important part of the preparations, the selected one disputed several friendly games againts equipment teams from the internal area.

Wolrd Cup Futsal 2.008 women

Promotional video of Reus (Catalonia) city where will take place the first Female Futsal Wold Cup:


FEFUSA, Federation of Futsal for the USA, formerly US Court Soccer Federation,(USCSF) was founded in 2003 when the USA was accepted by the original World Futsal Association, ( WFA) or better known as the AMF the Asociacion Mundial de Futsal. The AMF came to life after the original Federation International de Futsal the FIFUSA changed name to AMF

A new web from our friends from the U.S.A. with full information about the original futsal in the States.
Our friends have change the name of the federation from US Court Soccer Federation,(USCSF) to Federation of Futsal for the USA, this change only the name but not the structure of the federation.

Futsal Argentina:

Argentina, one of the biggest futsal nations with over 35.000 players, vice-champion in the World Cup 2.007 held in Mendoza (Argentina).

The argentinan federation (Confederación Argentina de Futsal) founded 14th august of 1.964, its one of the oldest futsal federations in the world, and they continuos working in pro of the original futsal, member of FIFUSA from the beginig, and a founder member of AMF.

Now you can follow all the activities and championship in the following links:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

AMF Futsal:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AMF Infoms:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Scandinavian championship 2.008:

Nordberg Futsal Scandinavian champion 2.008.

After winning the final against Oslo Vest, for 6-3 .


Futsal NUFAN vs Nordberg Futsal 0-2

Bergenhus vs Oslo Vest 0-1


Nordberg Futsal vs Oslo Vest 6-3

More info:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Russian Futsal Federation:

Today has been presented the new website from the Russian Futsal Federation, following the new strategy of the UEFS to update the webs of their members, first was Catalonia, then UEFS and France and today Russia.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Futsal Filmmotec:

Visit the great filmmotec, a great job done by Mikäel Bourdaraud (Secrétaire Général UNCFs)
All the videos are from the original futsal from AMF-UEFS.

News from Belgium:

Belgian National Cup, the winner of the men Cup 2.008 ISOLA HOESELT and the women Cup 2.008 winners is B T HERSTAL

More info:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Futsal Spirit the voice of the french futsal:

Our dear friends from UCFS informs us about the new number of the fantastic magazine, FUTSAL SPIRIT, with information about the french futsal and international reports from AMF-UEFS.
The summary :

  • Reus will organise the first World Women Futsal championship

  • Results of European UEFS futsal

  • Beaucaire Futsal, French Champion UNCFs 2008

  • MJC Champs Futsal win the national cup 2008

  • UEFS Cup, Flash Express Futsal make a good competition

  • Dinamo Moscow of the roof of Europe

  • Interview of the month : Sylvain Dameron, president of Pyrénées Orientales Committee

  • Résults of UNCFs Competitions

  • Referees UNCFs, a encouraging season

  • Club of the month : Flash Express Futsal Nîmes

  • Technical point : choice of coach T

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scandinavian championship 2.008

Sunday 13th july, Gimlehallen in Kristiansand (Norway) will take place the Scandinavian championship 2.008, playing temas from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Group 1:
Tobienborg Futsal
Oslo Vest Futsal
Stavanger Øst
FK Kinsek
No use for a name
Group 2:
Sverresborg Futsal
Bremanger Futsal
Nordberg Futsal
Group 3:
Dinhoens Talenter
Kriminell Kunst
Hisøy Gigolos FC
Sandnes Futsal
Group 4:
Hajduk Bergen
Hvite Stjerne
Randesund Futsal
1600 K1 winner group 1 - nr 2 group 5
1600 K2 winner group 2 - winner M2
1615 K3 winner group 3 - winner M1
1615 K4 winner group 4 - winner group 5
1645 S1 winner K1 - winner K2
1645 S2 winner K3 - winner K4
1710 F1 winner S1 - winner S2
More info: