Sunday, July 27, 2008

Letter from Mr. Zamora (President FCFS-Catalonia):

We are on the doors of the celebration of the first Championship of women National Selections of Futsal, Championship that has been conceded to the Catalan Federation of Futsal part of the World Futsal Association (AMF), entity that the Catalan Federation belongs from longer than a Year, In the Face of this event I have of standing out two fundamental aspects the help and implication of the Town Council of Reus as well as of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, across the General Secretary's Office of the Sport that the main craftsmen that this Sport event of first world order can develop in our Country. The Other Aspect which I want to highlight him that treats itself of a contest Feminine where the Federation that I have the honor of presiding, it has always stood out to promote the Feminine Sport, we do not forget that the first International Contest where the Feminine National Selection Shared Futsal was the Championship of Europe Celebrated in Russia in the year 2004, where our Selection attained the medal of silver brilliantly, losing only at the Final with the Powerful Selection Host for one adjusted 2-0.Also its very important to highlight that this first World Championship of female Futsal , it comes organized for a defending Federation of the Futsal Independent and for the World Futsal Association (AMF), entity upsets in the activity developed by FIFA that it is intending to appropriate the identity of the Futsal World-Wide in form Fraudulent, usurping a space that it does not belong to them, but they when demonstrating with facts really represents the Futsal World-Wide where the ensign FIFA their shames, the futsal only the Flight for to increase theirs volume of business, when it frequents of the promotion and promotion of the sport in form altruistic and amateurish, that they do not search them, an evidence them to see who it has been capable of organizing a first World-Wide of Feminine Selections, above the economical interests, that sleep the onlyy that they motivate in UEFA and FIFA, and surprisingly the AMF to prisoner the front part organizing this First Championship of the World, well its a certain that with the complicity of the Government of Catalonia it has understood perfectly the reality of the Futsal Català and world-wide and of the Town Council of Reus always predisposed to share events of first magnitude, like this gifts I invite to everybody to enjoy an event sportly of first magnitude, and to wish that our Selection it attains the best classification of the hitory. Like this gifts spurring everybody to attend so much important event and I thanks you and everyone that have made the reality of this World-Wide Championship possible.

Josep Maria Zamora i Monje

President de la Federació Catalana de Futbol Sala

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