Monday, June 30, 2008

AMF Referees clinic

AMF (World futsal Association) INFORMS:

Referess clinic 2.008.

Where: Asunción, Paraguay

When: 25th, 26th and 27th july 2.008

All the entities affiliate to AMF are invite to enjoy the referees course 2.008, to be held in Paraguay.

Photo: Referees from UEFS and the responsable of the referee committe Mr. Alexander Osun (Israel).

Friday, June 27, 2008

Calender Female World Cup

Today in Reus has been taking place the presentation of the official calender and the teams for the Female Futsal World Cup.
AMF:Julio Cesar Notario
UEFS:Valeriy Akhumyan
FCFS: Josep Maria Zamora
and diferents representative from the catalan goverment.

Czech Republic

Look the calender and all the official info at:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

In memorian of the original futsal:

Futsal was created and developed in 1930 in Uruguay by Physical Education Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani. After the first World Cup of Soccer in Uruguay for the trophy “Jules Rimet”, Professor Ceriani concluded, that in order for Uruguay to win the next World Cup, the players needed more agility and faster thinking, that was where the other teams showed superiority, they were much faster than the Uruguayans.
In order to increase the agility of Uruguayan players, Professor Ceriani taught of making the players play in a more reduced space, so they forced to move and think faster. Futsal, came alive when he put his theory in practice on a basketball court at the YMCA in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay were he earned his living as a Professor of Physical Education.
Since it was played in a enclosed space it was called Futbol de salon or free translated ,room or court soccer. That new modality of playing soccer immediately spread to the neighboring countries, Argentina World’s Vice-Champion, Paraguay and Brazil.
The “Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol de Salón” or the Futsal Federation of South-America was created in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion.
The FIFUSA was created the Federacao International de Futebol de Salao, the original governing body for Futsal in the world.In Madrid 1985 the name fufbol de salon and all other names the game was called was changed officially and internationally into FUTSAL.
In December 2002 again in Asuncion, Paraguay the Futsal affiliates from the whole planet united under the flag of a proud Confederación Panamericana de Fútbol de Salón (PANAFUTSAL) and FIFUSA was disolved because of non- ethical behavior from mostly European members.
The AMF (Asociacion Mundial de Futsal) was formed during this same convention.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catalonian National Cup:

This weekend will take place in Llivia the semifinals and final of the Catalonian national Cup.

Saturday 21:


Sunday 22:


More info:

Monday, June 16, 2008

AMF informs:

INTERCONTINENTAL IX Championship club Futsal

10 AL 15 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2008 Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut) ARGENTINA.

FUTSAL WORLD Argentina's Patagonia
1.The champion of the 2007 Pan American south. (Argentina) Casino Club Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut.
2.The runner of the 2007 Pan American south. (Paraguay)
3.The champion of the 2007 Pan American north. (Venezuela)
4.The runner of the 2007 Pan American north. (Colombia)
5.The champion of the European Union (UEFS).
6.The runner of the European Union.
7.The champion of Oceania.
8.The champion of Africa or Asia.

RICARDO FUEYO: "We want the WORLD made in Comodoro"

The holder of the Commodore Sports Agency stressed this afternoon in a radio interview the interest encryption by the municipality and its provincial couple, Walter Ñonquepán, Chubut Sports, to become the square Global club. an event would take place between 10 and November 16 this year in this city in the event that the World Confederation of the sport raising the hypothetical possibility that by now is handled from local areas through Dr. José María Ferreyra De las Casas.
If a decision to that effect from the international body that commands the Football Hall from here would be given the green light to the proposed organization of the tournament which involves the participation of eight teams, four American and four Europeans, to be divided into two groups of four sets.
The other possibility would be to mount the world in Russia, although on a cold and distant Siberian city, a region far to six hour flight from Moscow, the capital of this country, so that the discomfort would be too big even for Europeans not with bad eyes would come to Patagonia to contest the event at the expense of the other possible venue.
Fueyo said in a telephone conversation with Dick Almonacid, driver of the "sports fans" on Radio chronic, that his intention and that of those who accompany them in this is to "move as far as to be able to cover figures, which are high but not unattainable.
In so doing, "Flaco" referred to money that should be expenditures on common costs to resolve all matters relating to the organization, transfers, and stays of equipment and put it into balance with the potential advertising revenue, television and contributions from businesses.
Moreover, while the State would take part with important contributions to provincial and municipal levels, the idea is that the event is self-financing in order to dump that money spent towards improving the development of that sport in Comodoro Rivadavia and the region.
"It's a great tournament, with a local team, this decision has support provincial and municipal levels," said Fueyo, referring to the participation of Casino Club, comodorense team that entered the contest last year and that will accompany the Paraguayan Los Amigos In the city of incarnations, Estudiantes de Venezuela and The Pirates of Colombia, in conjunction with four European teams. The final decision could settle in the next few hours, depending on what is appropriate at the meeting to be held in Asuncion of Paraguay to define the headquarters of the World Cup with which Commodore dreams and their Futsal deserves.

French Futsal championship:

Final Standing:

1 - Beaucaire Futsal
2 - La Sauce Carlésienne
3 - FS Miramas
4 - Canet Futsal
5 - Gunners Orléans Futsal
6 - Angers Futsal
7 - AS Six-Fournaise Futsal
8 - Béziers Futsal

Salle 1 :

10h00-11h00 : Beaucaire Futsal 7-0 Gunners Orléans

11h00-12h00 : Angers Futsal 2-2 La Sauce Carlésienne

14h00-15h00 : Gunners Orléans 2-4 Canet Futsal

15h00-16h00 : FS Miramas 6-2 Angers Futsal

18h00-19h00 : Barrio FC 2-4 Gunners Orléans

19h00-20h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal 2-10 Angers Futsal

Salle 2

10h00-11h00 : Canet Futsal 10-6 Barrio FC

11h00-12h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal 3-6 FS Miramas

14h00-15h00 : Beaucaire Futsal 11-0 Barrio FC

15h00-16h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal 3-7 La Sauce Carlésienne

18h00-19h00 : Canet Futsal 1-5 Beaucaire Futsal

19h00-20h00 : La Sauce Carlésienne 2-1 FS Miramas

Final games:

09h00-10h00 : Canet Futsal 5-6 Beaucaire Futsal

10h00-11h00 : La Sauce Carlésienne 1-4 FS Miramas

11h00-12h00 : Barrio FC 5-12 AS Six-Four Futsal

13h00-14h00 : Canet Futsal 2-3 La Sauce Carlésienne

14h00-15h00 : Beaucaire Futsal 3-2 FS Miramas

15h00-16h00 : Gunners Orléans 3-3 (7-6 tab) Angers Futsal

17h00-18h00 : Canet Futsal 3-10 FS Miramas

18h00-19h00 : Beaucaire Futsal 3-4 La Sauce Carlésienne Beaucaire Futsal - Champion de France UNCFs

More info:

Friday, June 13, 2008

News from Italy:


It is finished the sportive season of the new Italian Federation (FICS) and the best results obtain in Italy reward all the exertions endured by all the persons who have worked for develop the FUTSAL in the whole of Italian territory.

After having played in various “Regional Championships”, we are arrived at the “Final National” getting the followings results:


FUTSAL CAGLIARI (Cagliari-Sardegna)
LS 96 GALLARATE (Varese-Lombardia)
LR SESTO SAN GIOVANNI (Milano-Lombardia)


POL. CERRETO SANNITA (Benevento-Campania)
SALERNITANA MG (Salerno-Campania)
CPS STEZZANO (Bergamo-Lombardia)
CASTELLANA (Bari-Puglia)

The next appointments of the Federazione Italiana Calcio da Sala (FICS) will be:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New UEFS website:

The new European Union of Futsal (UEFS) website, its going to be presented the next 21th of june.

This web its a work done by the IFS (Norway) and UNCFS (France), from Independent Futsal we want to thanks the Brothers Kurt and Frank Hartvedt and Mikäel Bourdaraud, for the great work done on this new project of the UEFS, that wants to improve the quality of the informations about the national federations afiliate to the original futsal from Europe.

CAFS and ecoflag from GSA:

GSA Rio Grande (Club JUF) has been established in Tierra del Fuego Province, Antarctic and Atlantic South Island, Republic of Argentina.

The team captain will be Mr. Jose Eduardo Diaz, who is President of the Club JUF and CAFS South Regional Director.

With the objective to increase sportsmanship values, environmental awareness and promote action among children and youth, Captain Jose Eduardo Diaz and his GSA Team wish to fly the Ecoflag during sports events such as soccer(outdoor) and futsal (indoor).
- Club Social y Deportivo Juventud Fueguina (CS y DJUF)
- Confederacion Argentina de Futsal (CAFS)
Club JUF, more information:

Monday, June 9, 2008

French National Championship and National Cup:

National championship:

The format of competition collect the 8 winners of regionals competition troughouth France. Name of departement or region.
The foramt of competition is 4 points for victory, 2 for draw and 1 for a defeat.
The winner is qualify for UEFS Champ Cup and win the J.C .Ceriani Gravier Trophy.
The second have the possibility to participate to the UEFS Cup.

Program of the competition:

Group A :

- Nîmes Futsal (Gard)
- Gunners Orléans Futsal (Centre)
- Canet Futsal (Pyrénées Orientales)
- Barrio FC (Hérault)

Group B :

- AS Six-Four Futsal (Var)
- FS Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhône)
- Angers Futsal (Maine-et-Loire)
- La Sauce Carlésienne (IDF)

Day 1 (Saturday) :
Salle 1 :10h00-11h00 : Nîmes Futsal - Gunners Orléans
11h00-12h00 : Angers Futsal - La Sauce Carlésienne
14h00-15h00 : Gunners Orléans - Canet Futsal
15h00-16h00 : FS Miramas - Angers Futsal
18h00-19h00 : Barrio FC - Gunners Orléans
19h00-20h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - Angers Futsal

Salle 2

10h00-11h00 : Canet Futsal- Barrio FC
11h00-12h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - FS Miramas
14h00-15h00 : Nîmes Futsal - Barrio FC
15h00-16h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - La Sauce Carlésienne
18h00-19h00 : Canet Futsal- Nîmes Futsal
19h00-20h00 : La Sauce Carlésienne - FS Miramas

Day 2 Final games.
French National CUP

Friday, June 6, 2008

First Cup of federations AMF:

12 national teams were taking part to this event of AMF, that was held in the city of Yakuts (Russia) from the 10th to 20 th june 2.007.
  • Russia
  • Paraguay
  • Argentina
  • Georgia
  • Belarus
  • Spain
  • Congo
  • Angola
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Catalonia
  • England

Results of the final qualify:

  • Argentina-Paraguay 2:5
  • Bielorrusia-Rusia 2:6
  • Rusia-Argentina 3:3
  • Bielorrusia-Paraguay 1:6
  • Bielorrusia-Argentina 0:1 (3rd and 4th place)
  • Rusia-Paraguay 5:1 (Final)

Final standing:

1. Rusia (champion)
2. Paraguay (vicechampion)
3. Bielorrusia
4. Argentina
5. Inglaterra
6. Cataluña
7. Israel
8. Angola
9. España
10. Georgia
11. Congo
12. Australia

Logo of the competition maked by diamonds, courtesy of ALMAROSA the most important diamond factory in Europe.
Oficial posters of the competition.
More diamonds
Australian national team at the entrance of the stadium.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AMIGO SCHEPDAAL Belgian champion 2007/08

AMIGO SCHEPDAAL Champion of the Belgian National first Division, after winning in the play-offs against GS C.B. HOBOKEN.
They win the league for second consecuative year.


More info:

Synaudy Masquefa Catalonian champion 2007/08

Synaudy Masquefa champion of the catalonian National league, after winning against Comforsa Ripoll, in the final of the play-offs of the league 2007/08.

The president of the Catalonian Futsal Federation, Mr. Josep M. Zamora and the captain of the team Synaudy Masquefa

Sunday, June 1, 2008

XVII European Cup of Champions Clubs (Semifinals and Final)

Dinamo Moscow Champion of Europe once again!!!!
In a Russian final, the players of Jekatěrinburg, they couldnt do nothing to win against the strong team from Moscow that for second year, its the best team of Europe.


  • Dinamo Moscow (RUS) - Donbas Doneck (UCR) 3:0

  • Taganskij Rjad Ekaterinburg (RUS) - Ochrana Minsk (BEL) 4:2


  • Dinamo Moskva - Jekatěrinburg 5:2

Final standing:

  • 1. Dinamo Moskva (Russia)

  • 2. Jekatěrinburg (Russia)

  • 3. Ochrana Minsk (Belarus)

  • 4. Dinamo Donbas (Ukranis)

  • 5. Comforsa Ripoll (Catalonia)

  • 6. Nadin Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

  • 7. SC Premium Stonava (Czech Republic)

  • 8. Carqueiranne (France)

More info: or