Monday, June 16, 2008

AMF informs:

INTERCONTINENTAL IX Championship club Futsal

10 AL 15 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2008 Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut) ARGENTINA.

FUTSAL WORLD Argentina's Patagonia
1.The champion of the 2007 Pan American south. (Argentina) Casino Club Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut.
2.The runner of the 2007 Pan American south. (Paraguay)
3.The champion of the 2007 Pan American north. (Venezuela)
4.The runner of the 2007 Pan American north. (Colombia)
5.The champion of the European Union (UEFS).
6.The runner of the European Union.
7.The champion of Oceania.
8.The champion of Africa or Asia.

RICARDO FUEYO: "We want the WORLD made in Comodoro"

The holder of the Commodore Sports Agency stressed this afternoon in a radio interview the interest encryption by the municipality and its provincial couple, Walter Ñonquepán, Chubut Sports, to become the square Global club. an event would take place between 10 and November 16 this year in this city in the event that the World Confederation of the sport raising the hypothetical possibility that by now is handled from local areas through Dr. José María Ferreyra De las Casas.
If a decision to that effect from the international body that commands the Football Hall from here would be given the green light to the proposed organization of the tournament which involves the participation of eight teams, four American and four Europeans, to be divided into two groups of four sets.
The other possibility would be to mount the world in Russia, although on a cold and distant Siberian city, a region far to six hour flight from Moscow, the capital of this country, so that the discomfort would be too big even for Europeans not with bad eyes would come to Patagonia to contest the event at the expense of the other possible venue.
Fueyo said in a telephone conversation with Dick Almonacid, driver of the "sports fans" on Radio chronic, that his intention and that of those who accompany them in this is to "move as far as to be able to cover figures, which are high but not unattainable.
In so doing, "Flaco" referred to money that should be expenditures on common costs to resolve all matters relating to the organization, transfers, and stays of equipment and put it into balance with the potential advertising revenue, television and contributions from businesses.
Moreover, while the State would take part with important contributions to provincial and municipal levels, the idea is that the event is self-financing in order to dump that money spent towards improving the development of that sport in Comodoro Rivadavia and the region.
"It's a great tournament, with a local team, this decision has support provincial and municipal levels," said Fueyo, referring to the participation of Casino Club, comodorense team that entered the contest last year and that will accompany the Paraguayan Los Amigos In the city of incarnations, Estudiantes de Venezuela and The Pirates of Colombia, in conjunction with four European teams. The final decision could settle in the next few hours, depending on what is appropriate at the meeting to be held in Asuncion of Paraguay to define the headquarters of the World Cup with which Commodore dreams and their Futsal deserves.

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