Monday, June 9, 2008

French National Championship and National Cup:

National championship:

The format of competition collect the 8 winners of regionals competition troughouth France. Name of departement or region.
The foramt of competition is 4 points for victory, 2 for draw and 1 for a defeat.
The winner is qualify for UEFS Champ Cup and win the J.C .Ceriani Gravier Trophy.
The second have the possibility to participate to the UEFS Cup.

Program of the competition:

Group A :

- Nîmes Futsal (Gard)
- Gunners Orléans Futsal (Centre)
- Canet Futsal (Pyrénées Orientales)
- Barrio FC (Hérault)

Group B :

- AS Six-Four Futsal (Var)
- FS Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhône)
- Angers Futsal (Maine-et-Loire)
- La Sauce Carlésienne (IDF)

Day 1 (Saturday) :
Salle 1 :10h00-11h00 : Nîmes Futsal - Gunners Orléans
11h00-12h00 : Angers Futsal - La Sauce Carlésienne
14h00-15h00 : Gunners Orléans - Canet Futsal
15h00-16h00 : FS Miramas - Angers Futsal
18h00-19h00 : Barrio FC - Gunners Orléans
19h00-20h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - Angers Futsal

Salle 2

10h00-11h00 : Canet Futsal- Barrio FC
11h00-12h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - FS Miramas
14h00-15h00 : Nîmes Futsal - Barrio FC
15h00-16h00 : AS Six-Four Futsal - La Sauce Carlésienne
18h00-19h00 : Canet Futsal- Nîmes Futsal
19h00-20h00 : La Sauce Carlésienne - FS Miramas

Day 2 Final games.
French National CUP

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