Thursday, June 26, 2008

In memorian of the original futsal:

Futsal was created and developed in 1930 in Uruguay by Physical Education Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani. After the first World Cup of Soccer in Uruguay for the trophy “Jules Rimet”, Professor Ceriani concluded, that in order for Uruguay to win the next World Cup, the players needed more agility and faster thinking, that was where the other teams showed superiority, they were much faster than the Uruguayans.
In order to increase the agility of Uruguayan players, Professor Ceriani taught of making the players play in a more reduced space, so they forced to move and think faster. Futsal, came alive when he put his theory in practice on a basketball court at the YMCA in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay were he earned his living as a Professor of Physical Education.
Since it was played in a enclosed space it was called Futbol de salon or free translated ,room or court soccer. That new modality of playing soccer immediately spread to the neighboring countries, Argentina World’s Vice-Champion, Paraguay and Brazil.
The “Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol de Salón” or the Futsal Federation of South-America was created in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion.
The FIFUSA was created the Federacao International de Futebol de Salao, the original governing body for Futsal in the world.In Madrid 1985 the name fufbol de salon and all other names the game was called was changed officially and internationally into FUTSAL.
In December 2002 again in Asuncion, Paraguay the Futsal affiliates from the whole planet united under the flag of a proud Confederación Panamericana de Fútbol de Salón (PANAFUTSAL) and FIFUSA was disolved because of non- ethical behavior from mostly European members.
The AMF (Asociacion Mundial de Futsal) was formed during this same convention.

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