Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silly sentence in French Futsal againts the Independent Futsal:

A French Futsal international is fighting a 91-year ban imposed by the national football federation FFF for playing with two passes.
Amateur player Ali Bedredine received the sanction for obtaining licences to play for a futsal club under the aegis of FFF (FIFA) and one under the futsal organisation UNCFs (AMF).
Bedredine's ban was described by France Soir newspaper Tuesday as 'unbelievable but true.' Other media said the sanction was out of all proportion to the short bans imposed in professional football for bad fouls and far worse offences.
The 31-year-old player said there was in any case nothing in the regulations against playing futsal with two different licences.
'These are two different things. It's as if they want to prevent me from playing tennis and going swimming at the same time,' he said.

Ali Bedredine its the captain of the french national team for the UNCFs member of UEFS and AMF, once again FIFA use their power in order to destroy the Independent Futsal, we should remember that FUTSAL its a diferent sport than Football 5 from FIFA, even that FIFA lately FIFA does use the word FUTSAL, that was use for FIFUSA-AMF since 1985.

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