Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter from Catalonia:

Mr. Zamora president of the Catalonian Futsal federation (F.C.F.S.) wrote the next article:
More than a passion for a one sport:
The members of the catalonian Futsal family, are more than a simple enthusuastic for one sport that has more of 70 years of history.The succes of the Futsal all over the world and to keep it independent from othre sports, its because the people who love`s the Futsal, we are enthusiastics, and there representatives are more supportters than representatives. That`s why that even all the mediatics and economic attacks by UEFA and FIFA, for appropiate a sports that does not belong to them, a group of energetic people keep workig for the original Futsal, a sport start it by teacher Ceriani in Montevideo ( Uruguay) at 1930; more than 70 years, does that Futsal its one of the most popular and played around the world.Although all the trycks and dirty strategies from UEFA and FIFA for appropiate the name and the history of the Futsal, that has not been posible, because the desire of a group of people that are the management of AMF( World Futsal Association) and UEFS ( European Union of Futsal), that keeps independent the original Futsal, and they got the support from many federations and associations from countries all over the world.And here is where come`s the Federació Ctaalana de Fútbol Sala (FCFS) who wants to improve the authentic Futsal and to show that there is a country named Ctalonia and that wants to be involve in this project.
Birth and genesis FCFS:
The Federació Catalana de Fútbol sala is a private entity with a public, civilian and social interest. Founded at 1983, and is from his statutes and the Catalan law of sports, the only responsable entity to develope, administrate and organize the Futsal or Fútbol Sala in Catalonia.The FCFS did ask to be registred to the Goverment of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), and in the year 1986 was registred provisional, but later on was registred out. After a long legal trial, the Tribunal Superior de Justicia (Highest court from Catalonia) and Tribunal Supremo.(National Appeal court), they gave the right to the FCFS to be registred, and in the year 2002, the catalan Futsal Federation was definitive registred.At present the FCFS is admet and registred, and gets the totally support of the Catalan Goverment.
Internacional history of the federation.
The first international tournament played by the Catalonian National team, was the female european cup of nationals teams, played may 2004 in Volgograd (Russia), and the catalan team became second, after Russia in the final standing. Because during this time the FCFS didn`t have female competitions, the team was formed by university players.At the same time the European Union of Futsal (U.E.F.S.) recognize the FCFS as a oficial member with all the rights.November 2004 the men National team, took part of the European cup for national teams, coming in the final standing in 7th position.2005 two catalan teams became in third position in the european cup of teams and in the european champion cup for teams. The name of the teams is Sant Pau de Seguries and C.E.Brasil.In the 2006 the World Futsal Association (A.M.F.) recognize the FCFS as a member with all the rights, and the 7th European cup for national teams (Eurofutsal Catalonia 2006) was organizate in Catalonia, taking place in the cities of Sta Coloma de Farners, Sant Hilari de Sacalm and Arbucies. A total of 10 national teams was taking part of this competition( Russia, Belgium, Saint Helena Island,Euskadi, Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel and Catalonia) This important event was a sport and organization victory, Catalonia became in second position in the final standing.The next target is the IX World Cup for national teams, that will take part in Mendoza(Argentina).
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