Saturday, January 19, 2008

News from Colombia:

Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá Champion of the cup de la Feria de Caldas (Colombia).
In front of 3.000 people the team Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá won the final againts the local team Ferretería Construcaldas for 4 - 2.
The game for the third position the final score was Caldas Pivot 3 DM Walla 1.
In this important cup has been taking part some players from the Colombian National team, that in the last World Cup (Argentina 2007) became in the third position.
Final standing Cup Feria de Caldas:
  1. Surticadenas Seul de Bogotá
  2. Ferretería Construcaldas
  3. Caldas Pivot

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