Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Paraguayan Luciano Fernandez, representative of WFA Futsal, instructed Coaches

According to the plans of the Toronto Futsal WFA League, which runs Daniel Cerros, the evening of Saturday 17 of this month January/09, was delivered on Course for Managers (coaches) by the Paraguayan Professor Luciano Fernandez who arrived the same day from the city of Tampa, Florida, USA.
The reunion of those interested in learning or remembering rules governing the leadership team, to teach and guide the players association that promotes Futsal World Futsal (AMF), was based on principles of discipline, application for better psychological understanding between coach and players, children, youth and adults. Extent, Professor Fernandez, explained how important it is that the Coaches and Technical Directors of the players are fully aware of the Rules of the Game, to directly influence the quality of projection and order to the sport that requires all participants in a game.
The process did remember how the sport was invented by Uruguayan Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani in 1930, and content development and its influence in the world where it is widely known.
At the conclusion of the Course, Level 4, the first to receive it, they were handed a diploma of recognition, which was signed by the Instructor / Referee approved by the World Futsal Association (WFA) and Chairman of the Federation of Futsal AMF the United States, Luciano Fernandez and the director of the Toronto WFA Futsal League, Daniel Cerros.
To complete the course, had the contribution of the team America de Cali, "to give practical demonstrations in the court of the gym" James Cardinal McGuigan.

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