Friday, February 3, 2012

Eurofutsal 2012:

EUROFUTSAL 2012, Brest ( Belarus) The Belarus Futsal Federation send us some information about the Sport palace Victoria in Brest, where will be hold the Eurofutsal 2012,

The building of the sport palace for track and field sports "Victoria" in Brest was commenced according to the assignment of the head of Belarusian state in 2003 and was financed from republican and local budget.
General project design organization: OJSC "Building Trust № 8" (director Karvat I.I.).
Customer: KUP "BrestoblUKS" (chief executive Fedoruk I.V.). Constriction works are carried out by OJSC "Building Trust № 8", Brest (chief executive Vodchits М.V).

First stage, block «B» cost – 3,9 bln. rub. put into operation 5th of August 2004. Terms of putting the project into operation; second stage, block "А" of the sport complex, cost 25,8 bln. rubles implemented before the appointed time – 30th of March 2006. Total cost of building of the Universal Sport Complex "Victoria" is 29,7 bln. rubles. For the purpose of the creation of conditions for the development of sports, preparation of sport reserves since 16.01.2006 Brest Area Olympic Reserve Sport Center was created.

The Olympic Reserve Center consists of: - main sport hall (36 m х 54 m, height 13-20 m), tribunes for 3740 places; - training hall (27 m х 42 m, height 8 m), balcony for 48 places (total capacity 300 people); - fitness gym (total area 180 m2) - 7 team locker rooms and two training rooms and fitness trainings in fitness hall; - block of three saunas together with medical premises; - utility and administrative rooms; - commentary room and VIP-lounge. Construction and facilities of the sport complex make it possible to host international contests and Republic of Belarus sport championships. The acoustics parameters of the main sport hall are sufficient for the organization of cultural, entertainment, exhibition and presentational events. On the base of "Victoria" city and regional events are held, as well as Belarusian sport championships, elimination matches, European championships and other events.

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