Thursday, December 11, 2008

AMF and his people:

Tampa Soccer Academy Director, Luciano Fernandez a leader in International Soccer Travel and competition for youth players. Luciano has lead Soccer Teams to South America and Europe over the past 17 years. As Director of Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy, Luciano oversees all aspects of the program including team selection, competition, and travel arrangements.
Luciano Fernandez was born in Paraguay, South America and has been involved with soccer since 1960 as a player, coach, and trainer. Little did his parents know then what he would accomplish in the future. Luciano began playing by the time he could barely stand on his two feet. The game of Soccer became a passion to him, and by the time he was a teen, he was clearly recognized as a player with great talent and a bright future.
He went on to play for great teams in Paraguay like Atlantida, 2 de Mayo and Cerro Porteño, but his talent was too big for a small nation like Paraguay, so he set out for the greatest soccer nation in the world: Brazil.
In Brazil, Luciano immediately found himself plying for the great club Palmeiras, the most popular club in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil.

Was this the end of Luciano’s career? Some would say it was only the beginning. Luciano was immediately picked up to coach Paraguay’s national Futsal team. He led the team to win many trophies and tournaments, including the South America title. Since 1992, he has brought the Paraguayan and Brazilian experience to the USA players. Through camps, clinics and training programs abroad he offers young American players the opportunity to experience first hand the kind of soccer & Futsal training that made the Brazilian player one of the best players in the world.
Luciano is a mentor, teacher and a true friend. For the better part of his life, he has been active in Futsal or better known as Court soccer or indoor 5 x 5 in the USA.
He coached the Paraguayan Regional All Stars for 12 years, leading his team to become Champion and Vice Champion in seven national tournaments.
Luciano and his academies are members of the World Futsal Association (AMF Asociación Mundial de Futsal).
Luciano Fernandez has directed and trained various youth, club and high school programs.
Since 1995, Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy has taken 25 teams to participate in international tournaments in Spain, Canada, Ibiza, Brazil, Paraguay, Catalonia, Argentina and Ecuador.
Today, Luciano can be found coaching and training at the East Lake Soccer Club in Tarpon Springs, FL as well as at the Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy in Lutz, FL.
Luciano is also the president of the Federation of Futsal USA. ( ) and The Tampa Soccer & Futsal Academy, both are non profit-organizations in which he is actively involved.

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