Thursday, November 10, 2011


FUTSAL ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) is the national futsal entity from SINGAPORE.
A Southeast Asian city‐state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.
FUTSAL ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) aka FA(S) has come a long way to become the entity of futsal direction in Singapore. Following the lack of support over the promotion of futsal, the new association was formed in December 2008 to position itself as the function to promote futsal as the official indoor game in Singapore.
Futsal Association (Singapore) is officially affiliated to World Futsal Association (AMF).

The future Southeast Asia Futsal Federation will become the latest regional entity of futsal in Southeast Asia countries in support of World Futsal Association.
The goal of FA(S) is to educate the public and promote awareness on the
understanding of futsal. FA(S) aims to provide technical knowledge and expertise to encourage every community participating in their own futsal programme.
FA(S) is responsible for the development of the futsal programme in Singapore and offers some opportunities to every futsaler who are not available in the traditional five‐a‐side sport. The mission is to reach out
to every community where futsal sport is applicable to people from all walks of life for recreations, activities and competitions.

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