Monday, February 11, 2008

France vs D.R.Congo (Second part):

R.D.Congo - France: 0-0

Our dear friend and cooperator Mikäel send us a report from the game:

Ganshoren Belgium(09/02/2008)
In order to prepare with the physical play that the teams of the East during the Euro will propose, the French were in a hurry to take up the technical and physical challenge imposed by the Congolese. Always private of the second guard, Pichard, wounded with the shoulder, and of Tobarane wounded with the hand, the blue ones, which raised their beautiful white shirt for this meeting, had as principal instructions to work the defensive installation. And well it should be believed that the message passed perfectly since the French cage remained inviolate! Started in a very good state of mind, the first half allowed the two formations to be observed. Well place, respective defenses awaited gathered the unfavourable attacks.
After a beautiful offensive phase of play, the Congolese were the first to be struck with the goal. Immediate counterpart of the French two minutes later on beautiful une-deux.
The supporters present attended a beautiful tactical duel where each movement, each offensive action were well prepared. Two guards having only little work, with the essence of the play developing far from the bars. Thanks to a higher defense, the French had several times the advisability of intercepting, in particular thanks to the Sekrane tonic, but never they did not have the possibility of being really dangerous for the Congolese guard. Only a striking of Mafrici to the second post and a shooting of the six meters Laoukein reflect in light difficulty the Congolese. Idem for the Congolese players who did not find space in tricolour defense. The largest occasion of goal was to put on the initiative of a frank blow finely played which found the knee of a defender, come to prevent the opening of the score. Curtailed by a problem of stop watch, the first period was completed on this virgin score. Second half started on the same rate/rhythm, with Congolese who put the foot on the ball and of long periods of conservation of ball to unbalance their adversaries and to find the shift. Better places from there than the day before vis-a-vis with the Belgian selection, the French did not leave any space with the Congolese, confined with strike remote not very dangerous for the very good tricolour guard.
Tired by this training course of preparation charged and the vice with energy carried out by their defense, the partners of Beaumelle, captain of the day, also found only very few solutions. Despite everything, o­n can consider it regrettable that Bihi misses a large occasion on against, because there is extremely to bet that an opening of the score would have made it possible the match to be unslung. In spite of the goodwill posted by the two formations, the nets never trembled and a no logic (0-0) enclosed the meeting.

Mikael Bourdaraud
Secrétaire Général UNCFs

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