Wednesday, April 15, 2009

International market:

Paraguayans and argentinan players to the profesional league in Colombia.

The Paraguayan futsal players Juan " Cholo" Salas and Cesar Riveros will travel the 25th of April to Colombia to integrate themselves respectively to the teams of Manizales and Tunja, to play first Professional League of futsal that the Colombian Federation of Futsal will be inaugurated the 18th of the currents. " Cholo" Salas, with only 17 years of age, play of wing and were one of the great revelations in the last Paraguayan national championship, concerning selections, devoting themselves champion playing by Caaguazú. Its greater virtue is the speed, although it also stands out by his great ability. On the other hand, Cesar Riveros is experimented fixed or a closing that integrated the selection of President Franco and who in 2007 was world champion integrating the Paraguayan selection in the World Cup disputed in Mendoza, Argentina.
One is a good marker and with good he shoots, especially with the right leg. Both will firstly integrate the Paraguayan team of Gomería los amigos in the X Pan-American Championship of Clubs of the South Zone that will play from the 20th to the 24th of April in the city of Caaguazú, distant to about 180 kilometers to the northeast of Asuncio'n, capital of Paraguay, and once finalized the event they will fly off to Bogota with the object of integrating itself to his respective teams.
These signings add themselves to already announced of the Argentineans: ANIBAL " PELE" NUÑEZ and Fabian Banegas, therefore a new opportunity is for whom they play in the affiliates of the AMF (World Futsal Association), to play futsal of professional form.

Groups and teams from the DNFS, the first AMF profesional league in South America:

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