Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Futsal World Cup:

Brasil and Argentina will play the first game of the X World Cup, to be held in Colombia.

The opening ceremony will be in the city of Bucaramanga, before the game of Brasil vs Argentina, the same day South Ossetia will face Russia. The game will be played in the Bicentury Stadium, the inaguration of the stadium will be at the same time.

The competition will start the March 15th and until the 26th we will not know the name of the champion.

Day 1:
Tuesday March 15:

(A) Argentina vs Brasil and Russia vs South Ossetia

Day 2:
Wednesday March 16.
(B) Peru vs Uruguay and Catalonia vs Canada
(C) Belarus vs New Zealand and Colombia vs Ecuador
(D) Cezch Republic vs Mexico and Paraguay vs Venezuela
Day 3:
Thursday March 17:
(A) Brasil vs South Ossetia and Argentina vs Russia
(B) Uruguay vs Canada and Peru vs Catalonia
(C) Ecuador vs New Zealand and Colombia vs Belarus
(D) Venezeula vs Mexico and Paraguay vs Czech Republic
Day 4:
Friday March 18th:

(A) Russia vs Brasil and Argentina vs South Ossetia
(B) Catalonia vs Uruguay and Peru vs Canada
(C) Belarus vs Ecuador and Colombia vs New Zealand
(D) Czech Republic vs Venezuela and Paraguay vs Mexico

Final phase:

Sunday and monday March 20th and 21st (Bogota): 1/4 final

Wednesday and thursday March 23rd and 24th (Bucaramanga & Bello): Semifinals

Saturday 26th (Bogota): 3rd and 4th place game and the FINAL

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