Monday, April 25, 2011

UEFS Cup Veterans 2011:

During the 18-th of april to 24 -th of April In Alushta (Ukraine) was organized VI Cup of Europe among veterans 40years and over.

The participants were "ANAPA"(Russia), "VETERANS PRAGUE"(Czech republic), "VYKOV"(Czech republic) and "ALUSHTA"(Ukraine)

20 .04.2011

"VETERANS PRAGUE"(Czech Rep.) "VYKOV" (CzechRep.) 1-2

"ALUSHTA" (Ukraine) - "ANAPA"(Russia) 7-3


"VYKOV"(Czech Rep.) - "ANAPA"(Russia) 13-4

"ALUSHTA" (Ukraine) - "VETERANS PRAGUE"(Ukraine) 3-1


"VETERANS PRAGUE"(Czech Rep)-"ANAPA"(Russia) 11-0

"VYKOV "(Czech Rep.) - "ALUSHTA"(Ukraine) 7-2

The final standing

1-st place "VYKOV" (Czech Republic) 9 points

2-nd place "ALUSHTA" (Ukraine) 6 points

3-d place "VETERANS PRAGUE" (Czech Republic) 3 points

4-th place "ANAPA" (Russia) 0 points

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