Wednesday, October 17, 2007

French National Team.

We got the list from the pre-selected players from France, that will play the Eurofutsal 2008 in Belgium, all this players are from south France, soon they will do another preselection in north France.
Next to the name of the players says the name of the club.


  • Olivier DUCATI (US St-Tropez Futsal)

  • Guillaume CORPELET (Cévénole de Protection)

  • Nicolas ARNAL (Futsal Marguerittois)

  • Pierre-Marie FELCE (Excelsior Futsal)


  • Jean-Pierre ADELL (Cévénole de Protection)

  • Johan DELAHAYE (ASOS Futsal)

  • Miguel-Ange MARTINEZ (Bon Accueil Futsal)

  • Patrice BEAUMELLE (Bombonéra Futsal)

  • Laurent TRENTINI (Lancyre Futsal)

  • Johan QUEIREL (Excelsior Futsal)

  • Romuald GIUGGIA (Futsal Club Canet 66)

  • Laurent SOURDOU (Futsal Club Canet 66)

  • Yohan HAMMAMI (Entente Arcoise Futsal)

  • Hichem HAMMAMI (Entente Arcoise Futsal)

  • Kader BOUASLA (Entente Arcoise Futsal)

  • Salim ABID-CHAREF (Entente Arcoise Futsal)

  • Chergui SERRANE (Futsal Miramas)

  • Ibrahim CELIKH

  • ocène LAOUDI

  • Simon FUSCA

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