Sunday, December 30, 2007

News from Paraguay:

Dr Rolando Alarcón Rios, President of the Paraguayan Futsal Federation(F.P.F.S.) and of the World Futsal Association (A.M.F.), raises the "Silver Victory Trophy" given to the Paraguayan selection that obtained the world title in Mendoza, Argentina, at a formal dinner named the "Great Night of Sports" that was held on December 20 in Asuncion.

The Paraguayan Futsal selection, triworld champion of that sport, received the award "Silver Victory trophy", amongst the best sportsmen of the 2007 season, that was given during a formal dinner on December 20 in the facilities of the American University of Asuncion within the framework of the "Great Night of Sports", and that counted on the presence of the President of the World Futsal Association, the Paraguayan Rolando Alarcón Rios, and also that of the temporary minister of Paraguay, Geladio Zelada.

The event was organized for the twelfth time by the company Paraguay Eventos & Emprendimientos and the Circle of Sport Journalists of Paraguay (CDPD).

The jury, consisting of journalists members of the CPDP, headed by it's President Gabriel Cazenave, head of the prestigious Morning Paper ABC Color, the main one of the country, were given the position to grant the prizes for the best sportsmen of the 44 existing sport disciplines in Paraguay, among them futsal.

The "Gold Victory" was handed to the chess player Axel Bachman (18 years), who recently obtained the designation of Grand Master from the International Sport science, whereas the Paraguayan Futsal National Team gained the "Silver Victory Trophy" in recognition of the world title that it obtained last November in Mendoza, Argentina. The "Bronze Victory Trophy" was awarded to the golfers Julieta Granada and Celeste Troche, winners of a world title held in South Africa.

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