Friday, April 4, 2008

AMF congress

Photo: Rolando Alarcón Ríos president of the AMF world futsal association

AMF will deal with several subjects in their meeting

The executive committee of the World Futsal Association (AMF), that the Paraguayan leader Rolando Alarcón Rios presides over, will meet this Saturday, from the 8:30 in the morning in the Hakaranda residence, to deal with several interesting subjects that are related to the move of the mentioned organization.
For this important meeting most of the members of the mentioned executive committee are anticipated, among them the Russian Valeriy Ahkumyan (President of the European Futsal Union), the Spaniard Luis Pena, the Colombian Jaime Arroyave Rendón, the Argentinean Pedro Bonettini, the Bolivian Carmelo Paz and the Venezuelan Carlos Briceño.
Also attending are the Spaniard Juan Probaos, the Argentinean Jose Maria Cirigliano, the Uruguayan Hugo Pomies, among others.
The AMF will focus among other subjects on the confirmation of the competitions of this year and the schedule for the calendar year 2009.
Also a report of the European Futsal Union in regards to the seat of the X AMF World Cup will be listened to that will be held in 2011.
Also, representatives of the Federation of Catalonia, will give details of of the first futsal world cup for women held this year in Reus.
The catalans will sign the respective contract with the AMF, to confirm the organization. Russia also will present/display a project of the World Futsal Cup for Clubs, to be carried out this year.

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